Workplace stress is an insidious disease which kills productivity, morale and, if left untreated, eventually people. People under stress cannot think clearly nor give of their best. Their work, health and relationships suffer, sometimes to the point of irretrievable breakdown.

While a little stress is necessary to keep you motivated and rising to life's challenges, too much stress can leave you feeling powerless, depressed, permanently on edge, ill, and downright unhappy.

A stressful work environment can effect employees and employers alike and can result in job dissatisfaction, high staff turnover, reduced efficiency, high absenteeism due to illness, lack of motivation and creativity, and low morale.


There are many different signs and symptoms that can indicate when someone is having difficulty coping with the amount of stress they are experiencing:

Physical: headaches, grinding teeth, clenched jaws, chest pain, shortness of breath, pounding heart, high blood pressure, muscle aches, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, increased perspiration, fatigue, insomnia, frequent illness.

Psychosocial: anxiety, irritability, sadness, defensiveness, anger, mood swings, hypersensitivity, apathy, depression, slowed thinking or racing thoughts; feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, or of being trapped.

Behavioural: overeating or loss of appetite, impatience, quickness to argue, procrastination, increased use of alcohol or drugs, increased smoking, withdrawal or isolation from others, neglect of responsibility, poor job performance, poor personal hygiene, change in religious practices, change in close family relationships.



It's true that laughter is the best medicine. If you've ever been in a stressful situation, you would know that someone cracking a joke at the right moment can send that stress packing!


We unconsciously hold tension in our bodies, which leads to aches, pains and possibly illness. When you're feeling stressed, take a moment to stretch your muscles and you'll instantly feel relaxed. Pay particular attention to the tension in your jaw and your shoulders.


Meditation is proven to alleviate stress, boost the immune system, increase clarity of thought and feelings of joy. When you learn to meditate the inner peace you experience can positively effect many facets of your life. If workplace stress is an issue for you or your staff and you would like to enjoy the many benefits of meditation use the form on our business services page to arrange a visit where we will bring tranquility and peace your workplace.

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