True Love Stories

Welcome to our true love stories page, where you're invited to curl up in that big comfy chair by the fire, and bask in the warm glow of love.

When the world outside is cold, hard, and unforgiving, and you think you may never again experience a happy life, immersing yourself in true stories of love will feed your soul, lift your spirits, and inspire you to expect the best.

Actual love stories can be fascinating, far-fetched, and fanciful! They can also make your heart sing and restore your faith in love. When your heart has been shattered and you think it's all a lie, reading a few authentic love stories can restore your belief, giving you new hope to love another day.

If you don't have a romantic bone in your body, reading these touching tidbits can give you some ideas to improve your romantic life. If you do have a healthy romantic streak, these tales will confirm your status as a romantic, as they make you go all gooey inside.

As a confirmed sticky-beak and romantic, it has been my pleasure to source these stories for your reading pleasure.


There are many kinds of love, apart from romantic love, so we have divided the stories into your romantic love stories , my favourite romantic story and family love stories and wholeheartedly invite you to share yours (or someone else's) with us. Taking a few minutes to read these love snippets is good for your soul, and bearing in mind how the law of attraction works what you focus on, you receive more of, so spend some time today focusing on love.

How happy will your life be when you remind yourself of all the love floating around in our world? Look inside your heart and and share with us an event, no matter how seemingly insignificant, that moved you. Do you have a memory that makes your heart sing?

Remember, love makes the world go around - by sharing your true love stories here you are performing a much needed community service.

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