Far be it for us here at Happy Life Mentoring.com to ever ask you to do anything that would make you feel unhappy, but in order to help the teenagers of the world to Live Life Happy! we need to gather some info about what makes them unhappy!

So, if you are aged between 13 and 19, could you spare us a couple of minutes to complete our teen survey, please? (Or maybe you're an old fogey who knows a teenager you could pass this on to? If you have a teenager you care about, it would be in your and their best interests to have them complete our survey.)

Of course, the information you provide will be treated with the strictest confidence, AND it could prove to be very valuable to a teenager somewhere else in the world who benefits from the results of our survey.

We don't expect you to do something for nothing - nosirreeee! Because we're asking you to think unhappy thoughts for a few seconds, we want to make it up to you by sending you a little gift that will send those unhappy thoughts packing! So please help us replace your smile by giving us your email address below (only for your gift - we promise we won't spam you). Click here to complete the survey then use your browsers back buton to come back here and give us your email address (below) so we can send you a thank you gift.

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