My Site Build It Journey

Firstly, if you’re wondering what Site Build It is and what it has to do with happiness – your happiness - I can explain…

If you'd rather jump right to it than wade through my explanation, click here:

It all began way back in 2008......(screen ripples to indicate time change). I had been intending to give my fledgling Mentoring business a web presence for some time, but was totally daunted by the prospect.

Oh, I knew how to send emails! Had even done a rudimentary computer course at my local community house some years prior (most of which was hastily forgotten due to non-utilization). But a website?? I had about as much idea as Victoria Beckham does about plus-size dressing on an op-shop budget!

And then a friend found it....SBI. "What the heck’s an SBI when it’s at home", was my first thought. Well, it stands for Site Build It! Okay, that makes sense. And it is meant to offer “E-business success. Simple. Real.” Hmm, not too sure about that! Still, I took a good long look around the Site Build It site, at a lot of different links, aimed at a lot of different people. (SBI can quite literally be used by students, Mums, retired people, new businesses, old businesses, online entrepreneurs… I’ve listed the main 3 links I visited at the bottom, should you be interested.)

All their promotional material was very confidence-inspiring. They seemed to be talking my language, too. Heck! I have half a brain, let's give this a shot! Little did I know when I "signed on the dotted line" that I was beginning an enduring love affair which was to change my life. (Cue dramatic music.)

"Hard at work - in shocking conditions"

So I threw myself into the process – the so-called Site Build It Action Guide – with high hopes and whole heart. There was a lot to learn. Repeat: there was a lot to learn! But I was open to growing my knowledge and experience – this is something I think is key to living a happy life, actually, being open to new experiences, and continuing to learn.

Dr. Ken Evoy made the learning pleasurable with his cute sense of humour (in fact, I MAY have a slight crush! :-O).

After completing the first five 'days' of the process, web site domain name in hand (so to speak) it seemed I was suddenly faced with writing my home page - even though I'd been steadily working towards it for weeks.

That day back in 2008 unearthed a PASSION which had been latent within me since....birth?

I LOVED writing!! How had I not known this? How had this inescapable fact escaped me?

Don't love writing? Click here to have SBI do it for you!

How COULD one reach the ripe old age of 35++ blissfully unaware of a passion lurking deep within them? Go figure!

As one tracksuit-attired day melded into another, as packet after packet of licorice bullets landed around my hips, waist and thighs, and my magnificent tree in my front yard heralded the passing of seasons, I typed, I wrote, I blissed out to the accompaniment of my keyboard tapping. I had found my purpose: to slob around in trackie dacks* eating junk and allowing the words to flow from my fingertips.

I was in heaven.

And guess what? This heaven I experience daily is one day going to pay my bills! This heaven is a business, which the adorable Dr Ken (and the Site Build It family) is going to teach me to turn into $$$.

But that's not all.........

"The Daily Grind"

Happiness Is… Enjoying New Experiences, Meeting New People

Among the many things SBI teaches you, is promoting your website, so you join networks etc.

And, by doing this, I have made wonderful contacts through those networks, one of which resulted in my second literary marvel, "The G-spot - The Ecstasy of Life Through Gratitude".

This website has opened up a whole new world for me!

o Last year I was invited to collaborate on a film project called "The Difference", because the producer saw and loved my website!

o A women's magazine website has interviewed me for its "Inspiring Women" section.

o Just last weekend I received a call from another film production (by Oliver Stone) to participate in their documentary on happiness.

o And the private SBI forums are filled with helpful people all trying to do the same thing as me. Your questions are usually answered quickly, and you get to help others if you can. Isn’t that a formula for happiness in itself?

Do you think I could have planned, or even imagined any of this on that fateful day back in 08 when I took the plunge with SBI? Not on your Nelly!! My thought was "If I attract one client through this website it will have paid for itself”. I never dreamed of the world I was opening myself up to when I undertook this magical journey. I've discovered a passion (some people say a talent) I'd either never known about or forgotten. That alone has been worth the journey.

Happiness Is… Working in Your…

Can I share something with you off the record? I'm sitting on my banana lounge on my back deck, cup of tea by my side (I'd like to say champagne but if that was the case this would be much funnier!) I still have my running gear on, because once I turn that computer on I'm addicted, but I've just taken off my t-shirt, as the Melbourne sun is blazing down on me. So yes! I'm working away (if that's what you can call it) in my bra and running shorts. If I choose to stop work and go out for lunch with my daughter or pick up my son from school, or even do a load of washing, I can.

So This is My SBI Journey. How About Yours?...

The beauty about building a Site Build It site is that it can be more or less be about anything! The important word I used above in my SBI journey is passion. Add passion to the SBI market research tool called Brainstorm It! (sounds scary, but this tool almost tells you what pages to build) and mix with a healthy dose of Brain And Motivation and you have a recipe for success.

So my passion is to help people be happy - what's yours?

Your passion could be maple trees, sporting equipment, or birds. Whatever it is, you can turn it into a business. Or you could already have a business, and just want more clients. Or you could just want to earn an extra income at home. Or…

My life is exciting, fulfilling and complete. And who knows what surprises are around the corner next week?

Thanks Site Build It - it's been a wild ride already and it's only just beginning.

(*) Don’t know what Trackie Dacks are? Tch, that's Aussie-speak for tracksuit pants!


Surely you must have questions about how you can fit Site Build It into your life? If the links below don't answer them all, SBI has a team of real SBI owners (like me) ready to answer your every question, query, or qualm. You can grill them on the phone or by email, until your mind is at rest. These people have lived the SBI experience and are more than happy to share with you the nitty gritty of being an SBIer.

Oh, those links I kept referring to up above:

This link has a whole range of SBI case studies. See where you and your passion can fit in.

This was the link I looked at that explained how Site Build It! is used for people who want to sell their services online

This was the Work At Home Mom link (though I think of myself as a Mum, obviously)

And this is the general link that helps explain Site Build It to a general audience.

And, this link is for those people who really, really don’t want to build a successful website/online business themselves. They build it for you!

Here's the link again if you'd like to personally ask a question (after all, we're all different, aren't we?)

So study up, identify your passion/s, ask your questions, and I'll see you on the other side (no - not THAT other side - Solo Build It land).

You too could be happily working at home in your jarmies - or your undies - soon!