Silver Birch is a spirit guide who manifested his teachings through

Maurice Barbanell in England commencing in the early 1920s and

continuing until his passing in 1981. From the very beginning, his

exact words were recorded in shorthand and published soon after.

First published in 1938, "Teachings of Silver Birch", Edited by

A.W.Austin, presents timeless, borderless wisdom as relevant today

as it was then, and as it will be in 2238.

This book needs to be read and used as a reference when inspiration

or upliftment is required. Even though it has been read once, and

largely left on the shelf, you will ascertain from the following answer

the importance of this book in my Happy Life.

If you have any of those big questions, such as "how did I get

here?", "what am I doing here?", "where am I going after this?", or

even smaller questions, it is recommended you get your hands on

this book, as the answers given make perfect sense.

The Answer from Silver Birch

Imagine you could just ask a question, any old question, for

instance, "Am I on the right path?" and have it answered! How

would that effect your Happy Life?

Take a few minutes and really imagine what it could be like to just

ask ANY question and have it answered by a trusted confidant.

It'd be pretty good, don't you think?

How many doubts would be happily dispelled?

Imagine no longer living in doubt!

That's how I roll!

Is it any wonder I'm the happiest person I know?

In my latest literary marvel, "Trust In Your Inner Weirdo" (found in

the enormously popular "The Path To Success", compiled by Sandy

Forster) I told you of a profound experience I had (among other

profound experiences) involving the book pictured above.

Because I had to keep my story short (to allow room for Jack

Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer et al) and there was insufficient room to

print the whole answer I received, I promised you'd find it here.

Voila! Simply fill in the form below, and I will rush you the exact

answer I received, in full and free and gratis.


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