Self Love

Why is self love important?

Before you run off into the wild blue yonder looking for somebody to love, it is essential to learn (if necessary) to love yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Your opinion of yourself underpins every other relationship you will ever enter into.

Your love of yourself (or lack thereof) creates the window through which you view the whole world, and it's inhabitants. If you have a healthy opinion of yourself, you will tend to see the good in others. If however, your love of self is severely lacking, so will your ability to love others be lacking.

Imagine someone whose self esteem is at a healthy level, as looking at life through a clean, shiny window.

Likewise, someone who does not love themselves sees life through a cracked, chipped, dirty, possibly shattered window. These people could be living life in very similar circumstances but have very different views, due to their differing windows.

If you don't love yourself enough it could be due to parental conditioning, a previous relationship, or other serious setback you found it hard from which to recover. But one thing is for sure - you cannot conduct whole, well-adjusted relationships if you are not a whole, well-adjusted person, with a healthy level of self esteem.

If you are finding the search for somebody to love to be fruitless, firstly check how you feel about yourself. If you don't feel lovable, seek help NOW to remedy the situation - it may be all you need to find that somebody special.

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When you use our mentoring service to learn to love yourself, you will be amazed at the changes that happen in your life! People who feel great about themselves are super attractive to other people. No longer will you be tolerating relationships where you are not being respected, admired and loved as you deserve to be.

It's as though you suddenly escape from the shackles holding you down, and are free to experience all that you deserve. Because of your love for yourself, you refuse to tolerate anything but the best - and that's what you will get.

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