Overcome Stress and Fear

Overcome stress and fear??

No one can be blamed for feeling fearful at this unprecedented time in our history. After all, some of our most basic human needs have been pulled out from under us: certainty has disappeared; our needs to live and to feel important are largely under threat; it's also not a great time to be looking for love; our human need for variety has also been severely hampered. 

Yes - our lives are strange at the moment, but we are still alive

We have two choices: 

  1. Succumb to stress and fear
  2. Overcome stress and fear

If you choose Option 1 how is your future looking? Whatever time you have left on this planet will be spent in misery. Will you be able to enjoy time with your family, or anyone else, if you are feeling stressed and/or fearful? 

Studies have proven that stress causes disease and negatively impacts our immune system. At this time, more than ever, we need to be bolstering our immune systems with good nutrition and other well-being measures. See Healthy Body Puzzle - 6 Easy Pieces.

If you choose Option 1, when your time is up, you and your loved ones will be really sad that you wasted possibly years of your life living in fear. You will reflect on your life and realize that you could have been enjoying life if only you had known how to overcome stress and fear. 

I hear you saying, "But I'm not choosing to succumb to stress and fear, I just can't help feeling that way." But unless you're choosing to overcome these twin evils, it's more than likely they will have you firmly in their grip. You need to choose to loosen their grip and free yourself forever. 

Overcome Stress and Fear - How?

Okay, I'm wheeling out this bad boy again - but only because you have forced me to! 

If you are new visitor to your happy life site you may be unaware that in order to live a happy life, you must banish long term stress and fear from your life. How to overcome stress and fear?

Learn to Meditate

There, I've said it. 

You may not like it, and after all these years of banging on about it, quite frankly, I'm not thrilled that I still have to tell you such a basic principle of how to live life happy. But I'm happy to repeat myself if it helps one person step off the stress and fear merry-go-round and onto the solid ground of calm serenity. And you are forgiven if you are a newbie to this site, but if you have a look around you will understand that I am repeating myself. :) 

So you have chosen Option 2: Overcome stress and fear.


If you are a frequent visitor to this site, or a subscriber it may be that you are already a regular meditator, so feel no need to overcome stress and fear. The habit of regular meditation builds a protective bubble around you, which negative emotions rarely penetrate. 

Unless you are a frontline medical person, or work in an essential service that coronavirus has dramatically increased the demand for, you more than likely have more spare time than you have ever had at your disposal! 

Now is the time to learn to meditate or to make it part of your every day if you already know how but don't make time. This practice will change your outlook and your life, and help you cope with anything. The benefits of meditation will impact your body, mind and spirit.

Overcome Stress and Fear Now

Another thing you need to do to overcome stress and fear is to live in this moment. Fear takes hold when we imagine a future calamity that may never happen. If we concentrate on this moment instead of projecting scary thoughts into the unknown future, fear loses its power. 

When you feel fear creeping up on you, take two deep breaths and bring your attention into this moment.

Do you have somewhere to live?

Do you have access to food or the means to buy it? 

Great, with a few safety precautions, it looks as though you'll make it through the next 24 hours. Fear can take a hike. In this moment you are safe. Repeat every time you catch yourself fearing the future.

We humans are resilient beings! Just look at how much we have evolved over the centuries. This period is just another step in our evolution -and evolution is a good thing. If it wasn't for evolution we would still be sweeping our caves and waiting for our hubbies to bring home the beasts. And (oh my goodness!) - our hairdo's!

Overcome Stress and Fear - A Last Word

The last word you need to hear about overcoming stress and fear is - gratitude 

Please take this away with you:

Fear and gratitude can not live in the same heart. It is impossible to feel fear while you are feeling gratitude; it is your secret weapon against fear, so carry it with you always and use it whenever you can.

The more you feel grateful, the happier you will be. Fear and stress will be banished from your life and you will live in peace. No matter what happens to us in the future, enjoying every second of our lives is what is important. 

Let your loved ones celebrate your love of life at the end, not feel sad that you wasted time succumbing to stress and fear.