Introducing online mentoring...for our friends in the Seychelles, Tokelau, the Motherland, anywhere, really!

Okay, so you've decided you can no longer live without the services of yours truly, aka Happy Life Mentoring. The news is good!

If the internet is available to you (and it obviously is.....) so are we! (or rather, our mentoring service!).

So now you can enjoy the benefits of our service: improved self-esteem, direction, motivation, spiritual awareness, etc, etc, just like these happy Melbourne clients!

You can begin to Live Life Happy! from the comfort of your own computer chair, or wherever your laptop happens to be. No getting dressed and doing your hair to meet this old life mentor - no-sirree!(Think how much you will save in cologne/perfume!) You just stay right where you are and we will come to you bringing your new happy life with us. Stay in your jarmies if you like, put your feet up, relax and connect with us via skype or email. It's just too easy!

Simply contact us (below) and we will soon be in touch to arrange our link-up.

It would be handy if you downloaded skype if you don't already have it, and we can get connected soon.

Happy Life Mentoring's online service can be conducted via email and/or skype (whatever did we do before computer geeks came along?). If you have downloaded skype and have a camera, it can be almost like being in the same room. Of course, if you find it difficult to have 'alone time' on your computer, you may prefer just to email, or phone, and that's fine, too.

Just let us know your preference when you contact us.

Your Happy Life awaits you!

So, what are you waiting for? We can have you on the road to happiness within hours, no matter where you are in this crazy old world!

How much longer are you intending to mope your way through life?


Life is NOT a dress rehearsal!

***Please add to your address book NOW to ensure you receive our email, or your ticket to freedom could flutter away on the breeze, never to be seen again!***

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