New Opportunity

To differing degrees, most of us have a new opportunity to spend more time at home. Unless your home is not your happy place, this is a great opportunity that may never come again. If your home is not your happy place, this is still a new opportunity to take steps to change that.

If you are young and don't have many working years under your belt, it's probably difficult to see what a unique opportunity this is. Unless you are lucky enough to work from home, most of your life will be spent at your workplace.

For the young, your annual leave may appear to stretch ahead of you like some long, luxurious, poolside, cocktail sipping, superhighway taking you all the way to some hazy distant destination you've heard referred to as "retirement" - whatever that is. 

Prepare to be amazed as maturity catches up with you and suddenly your annual leave is swallowed up by family commitments, your bucket list, other peoples' bucket lists, extended long weekends here and there...

See the New Opportunity

The point is, whatever your age, you're probably not going to choose to spend a lot of time in your home, so this really is a chance to see this new opportunity for what it is. 

Of course, we are all different, with differing living arrangements and priorities. You may be sharing a rundown rental with the housemates from hell or perhaps you have recently moved into your dream home with your dream partner; maybe its just you and your pet moth in a bedsit.

Some of us will choose to view this period as hell on earth, while others opt to make hay while the sun shines, and either way, we will prove to be correct. Perspective is everything. But whichever way you choose to see this homestay there is no escaping the fact that this new opportunity is unique.

Never before in history has mankind been mandated to stay at home. Some lucky countries are even being financially supported by their governments for their enforced sabbatical.  Of course, for many there is no sabbatical - they are retaining normalcy as much as possible by working from home, but even for those WFH'ers the homestay is still an opportunity.

The most positive way to view this situation and to protect yourself from any negative outcomes is to see the new opportunity for what it is, appreciate it, be grateful for it and jump in with both feet!