Why are money and happiness interlinked in the minds of so many?

Money can't buy happiness.

This is not just some cliche or airy fairy theory being bandied about - it's true. Happiness and money are not mutually inclusive.

If you have the wrong mental attitude, NO amount of money is going to make you happy. On the other hand, the right mental attitude will allow you a Happy Life no matter what your pecuniary circumstances.

Unfortunately, money and happiness are indelibly linked in the minds of the vast majority of the population.

So many people strive and strive and claw their way up to that big golden dollar sign. Often, whilst enduring that climb, they fill their lives with outward shows of wealth - fancy houses, fancy cars, designer clothes, designer friends, either to convince others or themselves how close they are to that big golden dollar sign, all the while dreaming of the money and happiness that will be theirs when their destination is conquered!

Then you have the other species who deprive themselves of some of the really important things in life - family time, opportunities to create lasting memories, shared experiences - all sacrificed to that big golden dollar sign. Again, these people dream of the money and happiness that will land in their laps from atop that big golden dollar sign!

Now, though I've described two species from opposite ends of the spectrum, they are SO MUCH ALIKE! They have two common denominators:

1. Their worship of that big golden dollar sign - to the exclusion of their Happy Life

2. The disillusionment that will be theirs when they look down at us (happy!) peasants from the top of that big golden dollar sign and say "well, I'm here. Thanks for the money. Where's my happiness?"

How shattered will they be to discover the God of the big golden dollar sign has no jurisdiction over happiness? As we discussed in the Happy You pages, the God of happiness resides within you!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not dissing wealth in any way - in fact I love wealth! But don't expect money alone to make you happy! There is a balance to be achieved between chasing the almighty dollar and living a Happy Life. That balance can be achieved by creating a "Happy You", "Happy Body" and "Happy Spirit" first - THEN chasing the almighty dollar.

Having said all that.......studies have shown that income can have a bearing on happiness up until the income level reaches 'comfortable'. However, once that comfort level has been reached, money has no bearing on happiness at all. So, if you have already become a Happy You with a Happy Body and a Happy Spirit, and your income level is 'comfortable', I may very well be preaching to the choir!

If however, you're not quite 'comfortable' or far from it, you need to return to HAPPY MONEY so we can get you motoring down Happy Money Highway as soon as possible.