Millionare Mindset or Poverty Perspective? It's up to you.

Your money mindset is the framework upon which your fiscal fitness rests.

How do you feel about money?

Is it a subject that arouses fear, panic and a sense of lack in you?

Or when you think of money do you feel joyous, free and abundant?

Are you constantly worrying about the mountain of debt you are amassing?

Or are you excited about the lifestyle your investments are providing for you?

Take note if you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, because whichever questions you answered with the affirmative - get ready for more of that feeling. If you experience fear, panic, worry, or joy, excitement, freedom every time you think about money - that emotion you're feeling is like a magnet attracting more of itself into your life.

Your money mindset can be the result of your parents' feelings about money. Were you always told "money doesn't grow on trees, you know" or "we can't afford that"? If so, and you still believe those statements,you have a Poverty Perspective rather than a Millionare Mindset.

The Good News

The good news can change your perspective!

How far has your Poverty Perspective got you? If it came from your parents, how far did it get them?

What do you have to lose by changing your beliefs? Not a lot, I'm guessing.

You can decide NOW to alter your beliefs around money 180 degrees. You have the ability to start believing money flows to you effortlessly and continuously, or that you are in the process of becoming a millionaire.

Watch your language and you will find zillionz of ways to move your attitude from Poverty Perspective to Millionare Mindset.

Delete from your vocabulary phrases like "I can't afford that", or "I don't have any money" etc. Don't talk with your friends about your state of poverty. The Universe has big ears, and will rapidly fill your order. If you are attaching strong feelings to those words your order will be in the express lane!

Choose to focus on the things that make you feel good about money.

Do you have any money in the bank? Divert your energy to growing that bank account and focus on it with good feelings.

Imagine what that account is going to do for you when it's HUGE. Feel the feelings of having a lot of money (this works even if you don't). Every day, set aside some time -just a couple of minutes will do - to have fun imagining being rich. Pick out one desire you will fulfill when you ARE rich, and imagine it in detail - ensuring you are feeling the feelings of having it now. Do this every day, believing you will fulfill your desire, and before long that belief becomes a knowing. When you know something with every fibre of your being - it turns up!

While you're believing you're becoming a millionaire, there's no need to go silly racking up heaps of debt or throwing your money away. You still need to be sensible and respect the money you do have.

Every day feel grateful for your money, no matter how small your pile! Gratitude is the manure and water required to grow your money tree. When you are imagining being rich every day, pour gratitude into your visualization as you would water and fertilizer onto the seedling of a tree - and watch it grow!

A word about debt: if you have it in plentiful supply, do something about getting rid of it NOW. You need to be careful here, because while you need to rid yourself of debt, you don't want to be focusing on debt with feeling - or what will happen? That's right - you'll get more debt! So budget to pay your debt down, whilst focusing on the MONEY you DO have and want, NOT the DEBT you DON'T want. Make sense?

Materialism Vs Spiritualism

If you are repulsed by money-hungry, materialistic people, relax!

You may fear turning into one if you develop a Millionare Mindset, but that won't happen if you have already discovered the happiness within you and the knowledge that money does not equal happiness. See happy you There is no law written (or otherwise in existence) stating that wealth excludes spirituality. Believing abundance flows to you and is your right, and spending a few minutes each day sending this message to the universe is NOT going to turn you into Gordon Gekko!!

There is nothing 'spiritual' about poverty. There IS something spiritual about positioning yourself to help others receive THEIR flow of abundance. So when your inflow starts, share it with others. Give away 10% of your earnings. Don't touch that mouse! If you're just about to click away in horror at my last suggestion, don't do it - either the click or the suggestion! If you would feel really bad about giving away your money - don't. However, it WOULD send a message to the all-knowing universe that you are aware of the abundance flowing to you, and you are taking an active role in helping that abundance flow. There is also the added benefit of feeling great about what your money is doing for someone else. If you feel 10% is too much, start with small amounts and build up slowly (if you like).

Obviously there are many charitable organizations who would appreciate your donation, or you could make it more personal by helping out someone in need, or giving back to someone who has uplifted you or helped you in some spiritual way.

Mastering a Millionare Mindset gives you far more scope to be of assistance to others than perfecting your Poverty Perspective!


Now that you have all the info necessary to change your mindset - DO IT! It takes practice, but it IS fun, and when the results start showing - so exciting!!.

When you feel you've mastered your Millionare Mindset (or even while you're in the process of mastering) it's time to take action. Get your wallet in shape and then build some wealth!