Yes! Mentoring will help you achieve your happy life! Especially if you have followed all the wisdom (?!) on this site (or attempted to) and have found some hurdles difficult to overcome. You know what you should do in order to achieve your goals, but find the application of that knowledge very difficult. This is where coaching comes in.

Your coach guides and influences you in the right direction and at a pace suitable for you and only you. You become accountable for your actions through the ongoing mentoring relationship. Knowing you have to front up next week having taken some action is a GREAT motivator!

Chatting about Life Mentoring with Iain Messer on Radio 3WBC. That's me hiding behind the mike boom!

Here I am hiding behind the mike boom whilst chatting with Iain Messer about Life Mentoring on radio 3WBC.


Quite often the coaching process reveals a change in perspective is the only change necessary. But sometimes actual change is required.

When those changes you wish to make are substantial, a constant presence is a valuable resource and a source of comfort. (Like someone holding your hair while you throw up!)

Sometimes those closest to us give us advice which does not necessarily serve our best interests. Your coaching relationship always serves your best interests.

A relationship with an unbiased, non-judgmental coach whose sole purpose is to assist you, can be invaluable, as the sole basis for the relationship is mentoring.

In every other relationship in your life, there is the possibility of a hidden agenda. Everyone has something to gain for themselves from their relationship with you.


Lets say your life-long dream is a singing career.

You have the talent, but were never encouraged to pursue the dream. And now you find yourself married with a couple of kids and sometimes secretly lamenting your inaction regarding a possible singing career.

THEN.........along comes "World Idol" and you think maybe you should give it a shot! You run the idea by a few people. Some even appear to react favourably at first. You may even be lucky enough to find some genuine support among your circle.

Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, mostly the support will be feigned and this will soon become apparent. While they feign their support, if you scratch below the surface you may uncover several hidden agendas.

In a worst case scenario, these are the possible reactions of your nearest and dearest:

Spouse: doesn't want you leaving them to look after the kids while you go off on a holiday, possibly even becoming famous and successful and leaving them permanently.

Kids: want you at home (of course!). Dad's/Mum's/Nanna's cooking is scary, and if they're approaching their teens there's the horrific possibility that you could embarrass them on national television, scarring them for life and leading to a very expensive heroin habit.

Parents: don't want you besmirching the family name on national television, should you be unsuccessful. No-one else in the family has had success in this field, why should you? What will happen to your family while you're away?

Friends: are terrified you will have some level of success, making you (in their perception) better than them. They don't want you going off being successful, leaving them to their dull little lives.

(Phew!! That was really hard to write! Asking a positive person to think negatively for a while is a travesty of nature - think I'll go have a shower - back soon.)

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Ok I'm baaaack having washed away all that negativity. Now, where were we?

Oh yes, that's right, I was giving you an example of how it's possible for hidden agendas to exist in your relationships.

This will not happen in your coaching relationship. Do you see?

This relationship is ALL ABOUT YOU.

Now, grudgingly referring to the above example, (don't want to get dirty again!) it is possible that you could find yourself in a similar position and engage the services of a coach.

During the mentoring process you may decide that what you really desire from life is a happy family life. You'd be happy to sing as a hobby. Bingo! You have already achieved your desire.

Because you had the freedom within the coaching relationship to explore your own 'head space' with no hidden agendas, your needs were met. Mentor's got your back! If you decide to reach for the stars.............mentor's got your back then, too!

CAVEAT: I'm not suggesting for one minute everyone reading this should piff their families/responsibilities and run away to the circus. This was an extreme example of following your heart to a happy life.


hmm hmm....(Clears throat).......tentatively raises hand. I happen to know of a good life mentor. Should you require some assistance achieving your happy life, our mentoring service may be the hair-holding service for you!

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