Hi and welcome to Happy Life Mentoring service - your ticket to freedom - where you will find a confidential, non-judgmental, unbiased Life Mentor/coach at your service. The service, currently located in Mitcham, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, (or you could use our online mentoring service) is unique, personal and flexible.

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When you purchase a three-month ticket to freedom through our mentoring service, you receive a road map to your own path to success. This sensational new book, "The Path To Success", featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jacqueline Johns, and other international greats will be yours free of charge! Click on the image to learn more about "The Path To Success".

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You will see new possibilities for your life.

You will choose those you wish to make reality.

You will manifest them with support and guidance.

You will feel uplifted, empowered, supported and HAPPY!

You will create a life you love.

Your self-image will improve and your motivation will sky-rocket!

You will gain a confidential relationship with someone who 'goes into bat' for you, cheering you on as you grow your comfort zone and become the best 'you' you can be.

You will be exposed to proven resources utilized by myself to make me the happiest person I know.

You will be invited to attend our meditation classes free of charge. This will assist you to gain a clear perspective of yourself and your world, also enhancing your health and relieving stress.

If you haven't already, read about mentoring here for an example of one use for this mentoring service.

Whether you need to lose weight or you have relationship issues, you can expect to end your process with greater self esteem.

At Happy Life Mentoring service, I believe your relationship with yourself is at the heart of most issues, and I aim to improve that relationship above all else.

Your mentor will furnish you with resources (or refer you if necessary) to assist you in ascertaining and achieving your goals.

You can also expect a flexible, open-minded approach to you and your aspirations. Our mentoring service provides a safe environment where you will experience an enhanced perspective, direction and the ability to move forward.

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Whilst the office of Happy Life Mentoring is currently situated in Mitcham, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, not all the coaching takes place at that location. We provide a flexible service (where possible) considering the needs of the client.

You can expect communication between one-on-one sessions if your coach deems it necessary, by phone, email or text.

While we personally believe the energy exchange in a personal, one-on-one session is vital, we also realize not everybody who can benefit from our service lives within traveling distance of our office. For this reason, we offer an online mentoring service in conjunction with our Melbourne mentoring service. So, just because you don't live in sunny Melbourne, it doesn't mean H.L.M is unavailable to you.

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Anyone who desires a happy life and is not achieving it.

You - if you think your life is so far down the gurgler it can never be redeemed. We can show you how to Live Life Happy! no matter how bad things appear.

Someone you know who may be hostage to fear, stress, depression, low self-esteem.

That friend of yours who has relationship issues.

The recently separated person who is feeling lost on every level.

If you would like to help out a friend who is miserable (or who just needs some help to become happier) click here to purchase a gift certificate of any denomination, or select from our other happy products

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BECAUSE you want to be free!

BECAUSE you want to Live Life Happy!

BECAUSE you need a coach who has YOUR best interests at heart.

BECAUSE you'd like to be coached by a genuine HAPPY PERSON, not just someone teaching theories.

BECAUSE you'd like to be able to RELATE to your coach.

BECAUSE your coach has a range of UNIQUE resources for you to access.

BECAUSE you REALLY need a copy of "The Path To Success" and don't want to pay for it!

BECAUSE you know "keeping you on track" doesn't JUST happen during one-on-one sessions.

BECAUSE you LOVE the idea of free meditation classes.

BECAUSE you like a LAUGH whilst striving to be better.

BECAUSE you DESERVE the best!

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As soon as you are ready to LIVE LIFE HAPPY!

Why waste another minute of your life being held hostage by fear, stress, depression, low self-esteem, or bad relationships?

How much longer are you willing to wait before you discover the possibilities of which you are currently unaware?

You KNOW there is so much more to you than you have so far revealed. How much longer will that beautiful person be stifled by your current circumstances?

Get your ticket to freedom NOW. (Just fill in your details below and we will contact you to arrange your free introductory session).


That is, fair dinkum, what 99% of my clients have said when leaving their first session. (The others have felt it but not thought to verbalize it!)

Do you want to start feeling better?

Are you ready to be the best 'you' you can be?

Let's get you happy!

Just click the link below and fill in your details, and I'll be in touch to arrange a free introductory session (you may not like me in person!) when a spot becomes available.

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