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As an employer it is in your best interests to make work fun for your employees.

The following research proves that happy people are more productive workers.

"People who have fun on their job are more creative, more productive, better decision-makers and get along better with co-workers." (Abramis, Dr. David, "Does Fun at Work Work?" Internet:

- "Research has shown that a 13 percent increase in morale can lead to a 40 percent increase in productivity". (Still, Tom, "Laughing It Off", Corporate Report Wisconsin, August 1998, Page 12, Quote from Mark Moffett.)

If the culture of your workplace does not encourage fun and laughter, you may be limiting the creativity of your staff. Staff retention may also be an issue for you as people's enjoyment of their work wanes, they start to look elsewhere, for a more pleasurable workplace. When staff morale is low, job satisfaction is compromised.

There are many low-cost initiatives you could introduce to lift morale, or you could outsource to a morale specialist to save you time, energy and responsibility.

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10 Quick Tips to Make Work Fun

1.One of the most fundamental actions you can take is to recruit fun, positive people. Qualified people with a good sense of humour and positive approach to life will create the workplace culture you need to nurture creativity and productivity. On the other hand, a qualified person who does not fit your desired culture can severely undermine your efforts to make work fun.

2. Conduct a footy tipping competition.

3. Introduce silly contests: look alikes, loudest shirt, ugliest driver's licence photo, baby photo, silliest hat, ugliest shoes.

4. Hold a talent quest and award prizes.

5. Lighten up meetings with good news, surprise guests, recognition and rewards.

6. Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries.

7. Allocate time off for employees to perform community service.

8. Have an active social club, so employees are meeting regularly outside work just for fun.

9. Start an exercise club to inspire and motivate each other - there's nothing like endorphins for good morale.

10. Get into the spirit of whatever is happening in your city - Spring Racing Carnival, Grand Prix, football season, wine festival, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day.


If you are an emloyee who wants to make work fun:

Or you could:

1). Find the good. No matter what your job is, there has to be something for which you can be grateful - even if it's being paid each month! Look for the good and you'll find it. If you're feeling grateful for your work, you'll soon have more to be grateful for.

2). Try to ensure you do at least one task that you enjoy each day. You could even reward yourself for doing the tasks you don't enjoy, by doing it at the end of the day if possible.

3). Look forward to each new day as full of possibility. You never know what might happen at work. Do your job to the best of your ability and a payrise, promotion, or even being head-hunted could be just around the corner.

4). Bring your sense of humour. No one likes a sad-sack. Getting along with your colleagues and sharing in the jokes is essential if you really want to make work fun. Lighten up!

5). Be the bright spark who invents and organizes the latest silly competition. Your colleagues and management will love you for it.

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