Because when you learn to meditate you deliver a myriad of benefits to your body, mind and soul.

One of the first requirements of a happy life is inner peace. It doesn't matter how good your outer life is - if you're not happy inside - you're just not happy. How do you gain this inner peace without which your attempts to be happy are fruitless?

Learn to meditate.

See the many benefits of meditation here

Meditation gives you 'headspace' in which to know and accept yourself. The beauty of this is, you don't have to know HOW to accept yourself - when given the space, it just happens. Very gradually, without your conscious awareness, you become accepting of who you are. One day you just look back and realize you've changed. Other people's opinions don't seem so important anymore. You are able to step off that treadmill of impressing others and keeping up with the Joneses. Can you imagine how liberating that is? Just take a moment now to close your eyes and imagine...

You are so happy just being you...you don't HAVE to have a new outfit every time you go out because people have seen all your clothes. You don't NEED to tell everyone about all the wonderful things you've bought/accomplished/know. You don't need to be a slave to social media - following "cool" people and proving to the world how fab you are. You KNOW you are wonderful just as you are, so you don't CARE what anyone else thinks. You know happiness doesn't come from owning the latest gadgets, so you don't have a burning desire to be the first of your friends to own them...

But that's just one of the benefits.

Learning meditation is simple. Lots of people say "I just can't do it!" What they don't realize is there is no right or wrong way to meditate. As long as you're giving yourself time and space just to 'be' you're doing well. Granted, it usually takes time to train the brain to be quiet (simply by regularly giving yourself space and not trying too hard ) but the life- enhancing benefits are more than worth the patience required.

Equate learning meditation with losing weight: you don't go to a gym and expect to lose five kilos after one visit. The same patience and persistence is required when you begin meditating, and gradually the results show, as testified by these happy Melbourne clients

When you learn to meditate your whole life can improve!

I know of at least one person who tried meditation as a last resort before suicide. He didn't ever reach the intended suicide thanks to the changes learning meditation wrought in his life.

How Do I Learn To Meditate?

Most people find it easiest to learn in a group setting.

Due to the growing awareness of the benefits of meditation, cities and even small towns would have at least one weekly class available.  

If you can't attend a class our happy products page contains a CD titled "Unwind" which will have your stress melting away within minutes. However you choose to learn to meditate - just do it! A happy life is impossible without knowing and accepting yourself and there is no better way to improve your existence than by gifting to yourself the many benefits of meditation