What is the Law of Attraction, and does it effect your Happy Life?

You bet your sweet bippy it does!

For the uninitiated, the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law like the Law of Gravity, but different.

Now you may know nothing about the law of gravity (like moi) but does that stop it existing?



Similarly, the law of attraction exists regardless of our knowledge of such, AND more importantly, we are using it.

But how can you be using something to whose existence you are oblivious?

Are you using the Law of Gravity?

Of course you are. Unless you are in an anti-gravity chamber, you are subjected to the law whether you choose to be or not. Over the eons, we have learned to use the law of gravity to our advantage - where would humanity be without the humble paperweight?!!

Now, the Law Of Attraction is the same in that it is LAW.


As far as I'm aware no-one has, as yet, invented an anti-attraction chamber, so we're stuck with it - no escape.

In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction states that what you focus on, you receive.

Simple really. (For a more technical explanation see below)

Out of a nutshell, it's a little more complicated than that. But even if you go through your happy life focusing on what you'd like to receive more of, without reading one more word of this page, your life will definitely be happier.

For example, most situations (jobs, relationships, etc) have positives and negatives. I'm sure even Hugh Jackman must leave his socks on the floor, or at least have smelly feet, or some other tragic fault.

Now, what if his charming wife decided to go through life focusing on his smelly feet?

How would she enjoy his company?

What would she think about when hearing the word 'husband'?

Would she enjoy every moment at the Academy Awards, or be hoping that no-one gets a whiff of the offending appendages?

Would she be reveling in the glory of sharing the life of the sexiest man alive?

No. She'd miss out on all that gorgeousness because she's choosing to focus on his stinky feet!

If she reads this page and decides to focus on the positives (gorgeousness - inner and outer) would she be happier?

My oh my! Stinky feet - or sexiest man alive - Which would make you happier?

Have I illustrated how this law, at even the most basic level, can change your life?

People the world over are using this law to their advantage (moi included - stay tuned for a book detailing my transformation utilizing this law, and other tools).

So, out of the nutshell, it's really about receiving more of what you FEEL about (just lost the male population - LOL).

Whenever you think and feel about something, you are really placing an order with the universe. So then the universe goes (technical term) "Oh, that's what he/she wants - coming right up!" And like a magnet, you attract more of that feeling (ie more things/experiences that make you feel that feeling).

Now I have to warn you here that ol' Mr Universe is not judgmental. He doesn't care whether your feelings are what you would call 'good' or 'bad'. He just fills the order. So if you spend a lot of time feeling 'bad', guess what?

Prepare to spend even more time feeling that way. Conversely, if you're a happy little vegemite - you go veggie! - you will continue to be so.

How The Law Of Attraction Works