Now, for all you other lovely people who have read my story 'Trust In Your Inner Weirdo', in the book The Path to Success and came to my site for a sneaky peek: Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at happy life mentoring, and welcome! If I can help one of you to live in the wonderful, trusting state in which I reside daily, no matter which outside influences try to derail me, my work will have been worth the effort. If we can start an epidemic of stresslessness (did I just make up a word?) due to people trusting in their I.W., even better.

In my story, "Trust In Your .....", I promised you the full version of an amazing answer I received after requesting help from my special friend. The answer came from a book called "The Teachings of Silver Birch". I have made this answer available to you in downloadable, PDF format.

Just click the Silver Birch link, enter your details, and the answer will be emailed to you, free of charge through the magic of technology!

If you've read my story and would like some help from your own I.W., I've put together a little step-by-step E-booklet, "Connecting With Your Inner Weirdo", available for just USD$14.95 in a downloadable format. Just click the button below to pay with PayPal.

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Thanks again for reading my story and taking the time to follow up - I'm honoured by your visit here and I hope you utilize anything you've learned here to make yourself a Happy Life.

If you have been inspired to connect with your own special friend/s, drop us a line and share your story with us. Click here to contact us and if you know anyone who could do with some stresslessness in their life - refer them here!

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