Help During Coronavirus

 Many people will need help during coronavirus and if you tend to

worry or are stressed, or you don't cope well with change, you may

be one of them. Please know that life right now is strange for all of

us, but we are all in this together and we can help each other

through it.

For an instant pick me up, have a laugh out loud  and I promise you

will be in a better place to read the following advice. A good belly

laugh melts tension away and makes you feel refreshed and

wonderful. No matter how stressed or afraid you are currently

feeling, give yourself and those around you the gift of a laugh out

loud  - it changes everything.

If your stress meter is currently very high read this page now and it

will assist you to overcome stress and fear. If you or someone in

your family is stressing about money, they need to read this page,

written Especially For Dads.

As one of my favourite quotes on persistence  purportedly from

Winston Churchill (but some say questionably) says, "If you are

going through hell - keep going."

No one on earth is escaping this wicked virus and its economic


Once we have accepted the truth of the last statement, it becomes

apparent that regaling each other with differing versions of the

same truth is superfluous. Not just superfluous, but reinforcing

negative vibes which we can all do without.

So lets have a break. Lets stop telling each other how horrendous

life is at the moment.  If you are stuck in a negative rut read this

page on gratitude which will dig you out. While we're on the subject

of gratitude, how grateful are we that this has happened now and

not fifty years ago?

How would we be working from home and connecting with each

other if it wasn't for our wonderful technology? What about the guy

on television the other night who utilised his 3D printer to make

ventilators?! We have a lot to be grateful for, even though our lives

are changing.

Many people are glued to their televisions or devices in order to

soak up the latest information; others have totally tuned out and

decided they don't want to hear about it. Then you have the

conspiracy theorists sending all manner of messages and videos

containing rumour and rubbish.

For your own peace of mind, glean all the info you want from a

reliable source, like the World Health Organisation and then get on

with your life.

Instead of focusing on the problem, which we're already doing all we

can to solve, lets zero in on what we can do to come out the other

side feeling our best.  

The first thing we can do is stop what we're doing (especially if

we're worrying and stressing) take a deep breath and look at this

situation from a sky-high perspective.

When you really remove yourself from your day to day life and

problems, you will see the new opportunity that this time is offering.

If you are struggling to see the opportunity, click this link for some


Now that your perspective is clear, use the opportunity

constructively. Here are just a few suggestions that will improve

your life and make the most of this golden opportunity:

Help During Coronavirus - What Else Can You Do?

I'm sure you can dream up many more methods of help during

coronavirus that will have a very positive impact on your happy life -

maybe even change it for the better forever!

If after reading this help during coronavirus page and its links,

you're still feeling very uncomfortable, here are some proven

methods to overcome stress and fear.

Know that positive changes in the way we live our lives could very

well come from this challenging time. Know also that we will get

through this together.

If you still feel alone and stressed and in need of someone to talk to

- some personal help during coronavirus - your happy life mentor is

here and happy to help. Contact us here.