And now for a healthy body...... Okay, so you've read and

implemented all the info in Happy You.

You've got your head straight and have decided to be happy NOW.



But you just don't feel happy.

You don't jump out of bed in the morning excited to be starting

another day of your fabulous life. Instead, you drag yourself out,

grumbling, wondering what you're going to wear to cover your

latest, growing bulge, and hoping your tired eyes have opened

sufficiently for you to see the road as you journey to work!

Yes, my friends, this scenario does make attaining a Happy Life

rather difficult. If not feeling physically great, at least having a

healthy body is a prerequisite for a Happy Life. Don't touch that

mouse!! I'm not about to suggest you enter the next Boston

Marathon, or try out for the Olympics or even give up muffins or

chips (or, God forbid, M&Ms!).

There are lots of things you can do to improve your healthy body

and feel physically better than you do now........'great' can come


Let's start with the Healthy Body Puzzle - 6 Easy Pieces where

you can start with the basics - no matter how far from healthy you

are - take the first tiny step and gradually build as you begin to feel

better and better; and happier.


The best health care regime is one of prevention. As the old saying

goes (for you youngsters) "Prevention is better than cure".

If you visited the Healthy Body Puzzle - 6 Easy Pieces page you

would have  seen that every piece of the puzzle is about caring for

the body you have, feeling great and preventing illness. 

 These Pillars Of Prevention (POPS!) will keep you out of your

doctor's germ-infested waiting room, and into the healthy, fun filled,

exciting life you deserve.

LISTEN to Your Healthy Body

A very important part of maintaining your health, that I hope goes

without saying, but I thought I'd better mention anyway, is

listening to your body. This is an especially important point if

you're a woman! If your body is cold, dress it warmly; if it's restless,

exercise it; if its ...ummm.... needs aren't being met, meet them; if

it's tired, rest it!

I point out the need for women to heed this advice because we, as

nurturers, tend to put everyone else's needs before our own -

sometimes with dire consequences for our health.  It's easy to

forget that the happier we are, the better off everyone around us is.

Making ourselves healthier and happier benefits everyone. Your

family will love, respect and thank you if morph from a grumpy,

moody parent into a happy, fun-to-be-around one. 

You are the only person living in your body - the responsibility for

making or keeping it healthy is yours alone. It's up to you to find

the motivation and time to devote to your health. If people around

you don't support your being health-conscious, maybe it's time to

put your relationships under the microscope. You can do this

through our mentoring service. Only you have the right to dictate

your body's needs.

It is incredibly difficult to find time for yourself if you have small

children - they don't even understand what rights are - but hopefully

the adults in your life are supportive and understanding.

Above all, you need to know that you deserve good health, just as

much, if not more, than anyone else in your life.

Unless you're extremely lucky, no-one is going to suggest you take a

night off from your nurturing role and pamper yourself with a bath,

a manicure and a good movie; or sign you up for that boot camp

you're always talking about while they get the kids ready for school,

are they?

No, they're not! So quit waiting, take the initiative and move your

needs up the pecking order a notch or two! The health of your body

is YOUR business and I really hope after reading this: YOUR


You guys are on the same team - look after your body and it will

look after you.

If you're living in an unhealthy body it will be really easy to improve

your happiness level. Just follow the tips on this page and its links

and I promise, you'll start feeling better really soon in a healthier

body. Having the healthiest body possible, while still having fun (and

the occasional packet of M&Ms) is a major ingredient in your Happy