The Healthy Body Puzzle - 6 Easy Pieces

1. Sleeping for a Healthy Body

 A healthy body requires sufficient sleep to heal, rejuvenate and

integrate learning. The first thing you can do to improve the health

of your body is to know, respect and act upon the importance of

sleep. Dragging yourself around every day, not having enough

energy to do the things you like and must do is NOT fun. 

2. Moving

The second thing you MUST do if you are ever to feel great, is to

exercise. A healthy body is a fit body. Now don't go panicking - I'm

not suggesting you tip yourself into a chartreuse leotard and front

up complete with leg-warmers and sweatband, to the nearest gym!

There are lots of ways to enjoy yourself while being physically

active. Here are twenty ways to have fun exercising 

There - I've said it.

You may not like it but it is a MUST. You don't have to become a

gym junkie - in fact if you click that last link you may be pleasantly

surprised by some ideas to get your body moving, and moving

towards being a more healthy body!

If you'd like to encourage someone you love to exercise (or even

yourself) see our Happy Products page for an accessory to remind

you WHY you are exercising!

3. Relaxing

Something wonderful you can do for your body (and mind, and soul) is to  learn to meditate 

Meditation has been shown to conquer the epidemic of our time: stress.
According to a recent Stanford University Study, more than 95% of ALL disease is caused by stress! This fact alone should have you reaching for the phone to find your local meditation classes. Or if you prefer the privacy of your own home, and flexibility to fit your schedule, purchase the meditation CD from our 
Happy Products page.

Why would you leave your precious body vulnerable to this killer called stress? A stressed body is NOT a healthy body.You don't have to be a new-ager or a hippy or a religious nut of any kind to feel the 
benefits of meditation 

This practice is great for everyone! AND it's been known to change lives. Both meditation and exercise will also improve your quality of sleep, so what better reason could you have to make them both habits?

4. Eating

Of course, you can't expect any more out of your body than what

you put into it - so if you're living on a diet of M&Ms and soft drink,

don't be surprised if you're feeling less than great.

Get some good nutrition into your body and you'll get more out of it!

A healthy body is much more fun to live in than an unhealthy one! 

 Dr. Ross Walker, a leading Sydney cardiologist, extols the virtues

of health supplements which many in the medical profession

renounce. Our food is not as nutrient-rich as it was many years ago,

as nutrients have been leeched from the soil, so if you're not

supplementing your diet, maybe you could investigate the

possibilities to retain (or regain) your healthy body.

Also, as our bodies age the production of some naturally-occurring

chemicals slows, sometimes leaving us deficient. So if you are of a

certain age, a deficiency may already be declaring itself, leading you

to the supplement section of your local pharmacy. 

5. Seeking

Speaking of RETAINING your healthy body..........I really love the

Chinese method of health care. In my humble opinion, the Chinese

have it all sussed. They pay their health practitioners to keep them

healthy, whereas we westerners pay our doctors when we get sick!

Which method makes the most sense to you?

I know people who lay their lives at their GP's feet. You probably do

too. Don't you think it's time these people (and all of us) educated

ourselves regarding alternative medicine ?

There's a whole world of knowledge out there to be explored. Why

restrict yourself to your GP's limited knowledge?

6. Drinking

The last but by no means least piece of the healthy body puzzle kids will laugh at this if they ever read it..... hydration!! (There used to be a running joke in my family

that if my kids came home with a broken leg I'd say, "have a big

glass of water - you'll be right!!")

But seriously, keeping the body well hydrated is paramount to it's

health!! Don't believe me?

Next time you're having one of those 'tired' days, drink 1-2 litres of

water and see what happens! You'll also usually find, when you start

noticing, that those 'tired' days usually follow a day when you

haven't drunk much water. Honest - it's that simple. The body is

made up largely of water (90% when we're born - gradually

decreasing with age) so it needs to be replenished daily.

If you're a 'headachey' person, you're possibly not drinking enough

water. Survey yourself for the next month, drinking two litres of

water per day and see what happens (your skin and innards will also

thank you!). This is such a simple tip you may not believe it, but try

drinking a little extra water every day and your healthy body will

thank you.