I'm no expert on health supplements per se, but I do feel it important to inform you of my personal experience with a particular health supplement.

But first let me say, many GP's poo-poo the whole alternative health movement. Would this be because they were never trained in nutrition? (you bet it would!). I don't want to alarm you, but it is a startling fact that doctors DO NOT STUDY NUTRITION. Unless your GP has a passion over and above the call of duty to serve his patients, (causing him to investigate alternatives) he's going to be more than happy to write you a script for some drug (omitting to inform you that the said drug could cause severe impairment of your health in years to come) or simply tell you there's no known cure for your malady, and to take it on the chin!

You only have to walk past a health food shop to know that there are thousands of health supplements available, and yes, the alternative health movement is alive and kicking! No longer the domain of hippies, alternative health is actually becoming mainstream. We no longer take our GP's word as gospel as our parents (God rest their trusting souls) did. We are becoming conscious of the horrid side-effects of prescription drugs, and determined to keep ourselves and our children as drug-free as possible. Of course, some people are taking this to extreme as well (it takes all kinds) but at least we, as opposed to our parents, believe we have choices and alternatives. If we don't like what our GP's prescribe, there are a myriad of alternatives for our consideration. Unlike our poor parents who were brought up to almost deify their local doctor, we tend to take the time to educate ourselves and take some responsibility for our own health.

Because I was in the above-mentioned position of being told to 'take it on the chin' and left up the proverbial creek without a paddle, my health has become my number one value. Yes - I am a parent - and yes - my children mean the world to me , but unless I am healthy, my ability to parent them suffers. So, as a parent, I take responsibility for my health, so I can be fully available to my children.

If you're not feeling up to scratch, or you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, maybe it's time you had a closer look at supplementing your diet. If you're dragging yourself through your days, and annually spend a week or two in bed with the lurgy, NOW would be a good time to start your investigation! There is no NEED to feel less-than-healthy with all the great supplements available to you. Get some GREAT nutrition into you, so you are fit and well to live your Happy Life!