Think you can't have fun exercising?

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Many people (not you of course!) have a very narrow approach to exercise. "But I hate gyms", they offer as an excuse. Guys!!! There are thousands of ways you can have fun exercising without ever darkening the doorstep of a gym. Choose a fun exercise and you won't even know you're exercising. Thousands, maybe even millions, of health-conscious earthlings manage to enjoy exercising at a health club of some description. If, however, you do NOT fall into that demographic......


1) Hit the streets or the bush or park for a walk or a run. 

2) Invest in some goggles and present yourself at the local pool. Start with a few laps and increase the number each time you go. You'll be surprised how easily and quickly you build up your fitness! 

3) Whatever happened to squash?

4) Call a friend for a hit-and-giggle at the local tennis club and decide to make it a regular event.

5) Get a group together and book a trail ride on horseback through some picturesque bush land.

6) Learn scuba diving.

7) Join a water polo team.

8) Go to your local laser-gun-place-I've-forgotten-what-they're-called and run around like a madman/woman for a while.

9) On your bike! If you're lucky enough to live in the beautiful city of Melbourne - we're spoiled with our bike paths. Bike into the city for lunch then home again.

10) Organize a group for a bush-walk followed by a barbecue.

11) Play a round of golf. (No buggies allowed -the object of this exercise is exercise, remember?)

12) Have dancing lessons - ballroom, funk, tap, jazz, break - whatever!

13) Learn a self-defense art: Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, Karate, Tai Chi etc.

14) Or a non-self-defense art, like Qi Gong (Chi Goong) or yoga.

15) Pilates is a safe, gentle indoor exercise you can do at home.

16) Start a mixed netball team.

17) Play polo if you're an affluent member of society.

18) You don't see many fat, unhappy sailors! Have lessons.

19) Take up mud-wrestling.

20) Take a course in circus tricks.

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There. Off the top of my head without even trying, I've come up with twenty different ways to exercise. Most of them sound like fun. Not only would you receive physical benefits, but lots of them also include a social aspect as well - another vital component to a Happy Life.

If you have to (i.e. if its not reality for you) can you imagine living in a fit, toned body? Life is so much easier when you make your physical fitness a priority. Can you imagine wearing anything in your closet without worrying about what it's revealing? Can you imagine turning up to work with shining eyes and pink cheeks still flushed from your morning exercise, instead of hoping your at-desk-coffee opens your eyes and awakens your brain?

Yes! Even though you can have GREAT fun exercising, it still takes some physical effort. But by Jove - its worth it!! The resulting impact on your Happy Life can be enormous! Find a fun exercise that suits you and your life will be so much more enjoyable!

Have Fun Exercising and Be Surprised By the Benefits

On a personal note, I didn't realize the mental benefits I was experiencing my whole life through exercise until I stopped for a few months after the birth of my second baby.

With a toddler and a newborn and little support, I was within my rights to consider myself 'too busy' to exercise. One day, after my friends from the gym had been hassling me to return, I did return to the gym 'for one session only'.

When I walked out of that gym I felt like 'me' again!! I hadn't even realized I wasn't feeling like me!! But from that day on, I have made exercise a priority in my life - not just for the physical benefits, but equally for the mental. The moral of the story? If you're built like Kate Moss, or any of the rakes we see on the catwalk, you still need to exercise. Skinny does not equal fit or healthy.

If none of the activities listed above grabs you as something you'd enjoy - think outside the square. There must be some physical activity you would enjoy. Keep trying until you do find something that's fun for you. There are thousands of things you could do. And trying lots of new activities would also broaden your outlook, introduce you to new people, and maybe even enlarge your comfort zone. GO FOR IT!

Don't think of fitness as a chore. It can be great fun! It can even change your life if you make new friends in the course of becoming fit. Also, being fit makes you more attractive - as does having a Happy Life. HAVE FUN EXERCISING!