Firstly, congratulations on clicking the "Happy You" button and taking your first, tentative steps (or maybe you marched boldly forward) towards your Happy Life! You have shown initiative and desire and are to be commended.

Its no accident this "happy you" page is on top of the list, its here because happiness starts with you and your attitude.  That's right! If you choose to believe happiness comes from a shop, your partner,   or a bank balance, or a car dealer or anywhere else apart from inside you, your journey to happiness could be long and arduous. 

Now that you've demonstrated a desire for a Happy Life by visiting your Happy Life site and clicking onto this page, its time to start thinking about energy and input.

Anything you put energy and enthusiasm into is going to have some measure of success.

When was the last time you really strove for something?

How did you feel really trying to win that three-legged race at your work's Christmas picnic?

When it was all over, did you feel you'd really achieved something? (Even though you may not have won the meat tray!)

How did it feel to know you'd given it your best shot?

What if you could feel that way about your whole life?

How good would it feel when you hit your nineties to know that you have lived your happiest life possible? 

If you think you could be happier (and maybe that's the case if you've found this page) then when will NOW be a good time to be "Happy You"?

It would be a terrible shame to reflect on your life and realize that you had never really been happy. There is no need for that. Everyone can be happy - you just need the desire, motivation and sometimes some support. 

Getting back to that three-legged race - what if you just didn't care/thought you'd look a fool/didn't think you could win?

Who do you think would've had more fun in the race - you or the person who strove to do their best?

Who would collapse, laughing, at the finish line, exhausted and exhilarated, and who would slink off, grumbling about a waste of time, hoping not to be noticed?

Now taking those feelings and applying them to your whole life - who do you think is going to enjoy a Happy Life?

The person who strives and believes they're in with a chance? Or the person who doesn't want to look a fool, so doesn't try?

At the finish line of life, are you going to be a laugher or a grumbler?

Exhilarated or embarrassed?

"Happy You" or "Otherwise"?

Happiness doesn't just knock on your door, sometimes it requires a degree of effort and some other times it just requires the use of the right tool or strategy.

Happy You - What Do You Know?

Before you can be happy you need to know what that means for you. We are all different and happiness looks different for each of us. If you're not sure how a happy life would look for you, this page will help you consider your own definition of happiness 

Before you become Happy You there are some basics which need to be covered by everyone. For example, you need to believe that you deserve a happy life. And here's a tip: if you are on this planet you deserve a happy life.

If you're struggling with this little gem, you'd better drop in to the clinic for an attitude adjustment.

Another basic is your self esteem  - you can't be happy if it's not at a healthy level. Low self esteem is a relationship killer! So please do not leave this page expecting successful, happy relationships with anyone if your relationship with yourself is below par. Get help now. Do not jeopardize your current and future relationships one minute longer by tolerating a less-than-wonderful relationship with yourself. It makes ALL the difference.

Happy people can be bothered to go out and join groups to meet people with similar interests. They know that feeling a tiny bit awkward (sometimes) at the first meeting is more than worth the new friends they make along the way. They know that a new group of friends (or even one friend) can open up a whole new world for them.

Happy people know that the energy they expend contributing to their own happiness is nothing compared to the rewards it brings.

What else do happy people know?

They know that laughter is the best medicine, and they laugh out loud as often as possible.

They know that gratitude is vital if they wish to Live Life Happy!

They may not know this at a conscious level, but happiness is a choice they make every day. And guess what? You have the luxury of that same choice, every day. If you don't believe me, you'd better click that link and see if I can change your mind.

Whether consciously or not, happy people are using the law of attraction (to become a happy you, learn how the law of attraction works)

They choose to feel good just as you can.

Another thing happy people may not consciously be aware of (because they're busy living their lives instead of thinking about it) is that happiness doesn't come gift-wrapped!! The only happiness they - and you - need is happiness from within.

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal!

How much longer are you going to be plain old 'you'?

Isn't it worth the tiny effort it takes to become 'happy you'?

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