Happy Work

What is happy work? Do you think it's a fallacy?

Do you know anyone who is happy in their work?

Are you happy in yours?

Work takes up a huge chunk of your happy life, so you really need to ensure it is happy work - or a happy life for you will be nigh on impossible.

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"An idle mind is the devil's workshop."

- You need to be busy and productive in order to be happy. (How many people do you know who have very few interests in life, and are also depressed?)

Imagine being so wealthy you never have to work again.....

What would you do all day?

Sipping cocktails by a pool followed by massages, manicures, and makeovers would only hold you spellbound for so long. After a few months of traveling the world having fun, fun, fun, you may start to feel a little empty.You see, we all need to have some meaningful work to do - well, that's my interpretation of Kant's "something to do" (see home page).

Meaningful work?

What is meaningful work?

Only you can answer that question. What is meaningful to you?

No matter what kind of work you do, if you attach meaning to it, you'll most likely be happy in the performance of your work.

If however, your workplace has low morale, or the culture needs improving, this can effect your happiness at work, and in your work. See how our business services can de-stress your workplace and lift staff morale with a breath of fresh air!

Even the most mundane work can be perceived as important if that is the way we choose to perceive it. ALL work is meaningful - if it is meaningful to the person performing it.

Those who are happiest in their work are those whose work expresses their passion.

Sportspeople, performers, artists, critics are all expressing their passion.

What are you passionate about? Are you able to turn it into a business, or work of some kind?

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You may be a passionate parent who would love to work from home so you can be present in your children's lives. Here's a great way you can combine your passion for great parenting with another of your passions:


You see, happy work is possible for you. It's a fact that you will spend most of your life working - but it won't feel like work when you love what you do, and you find it meaningful and fulfilling.

Even if you have no financial need to work - you do have a soul need. Let your soul express itself through your work, and if it doesn't feel like work - you have mastered the art of happy work.

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