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How Can You Be The Happiest Person You Know?

Follow this step-by-step system using my Happy Products to alter your perspective, change your mind-set, and enhance your own Happy Life, or the happiness of someone you know.

WARNING: These Happy Products may radically alter your life. The manufacturer recommends you only purchase these products for people whom you wish to see happy, or yourself!


Read my amazing story and open your mind to what is possible!

There is magic available to us all. Read my personal story of the magic in my life, and how responding to it's guidance has shaped my life. Learn to live with an open heart and mind.

In "The Path To Success" (now a bestseller!) I divulge the Number One reason for my happiness. It is no accident that this book is number one of all the Happy Products.

But wait - there's more! Over fifty other authors also share the secrets of their success - and you may be surprised at just how often their idea of 'success' varies from the common definition. If you're not sure where you're going or how you will get there, this book is for you. If you are a stifled creative yearning to follow your passion, meet your role-models. Inspiring stories from an international array of authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Sandy Forster and Mark Victor Hansen. Challenge your idea of success and be inspired to step on to the path you were destined for - your "Path To Success".


*Price includes postage AND a FREE BONUS E-BOOK- "Connecting With Your Inner Weirdo*


Integrate my message into your own life. Do it your way, so it fits you.

Learn how to find and use the magic in your own life with the simple step-by-step instructions in this E-Booklet. Your life will never be the same (or as difficult) when you learn to use the help available to you, from your own Inner Weirdo. Connect with your Inner Weirdo, and you'll never be alone again.

*'Connecting With Your Inner Weirdo' is a FREE BONUS when you purchase 'The Path To Success'*



Create a bubble of happiness for yourself to reside in!

According to a recent Stanford University Study, more than 95% of ALL disease is caused by stress!

Why wait until stress causes major health issues in your life, and your doctor prescribes medication which could be harmful to you in the long run?

Give your body the time and space to heal itself and stay healthy.

Regular meditation changes your perception of yourself and your world. It builds a bubble of happiness around you, making it almost impossible for stress, anxiety and negativity to penetrate. The brains of regular meditators have been proven to have more activity in the 'joy' centre.

Never tried it? Don't believe it? You have two choices: keep whining about not being happy, or click that button. I promise not to say "I told you so" when you write to thank me in a few months.

Turn off the phone, make yourself comfortable and feel your stress dissolve as Jacqueline Johns guides you to total mind and body relaxation (approx. 45mins).

USD$19.95 + p&h


Remind yourself, or someone you love, to Live Life Happy! with this gym/hand towel. Exercise releases endorphins into the brain, lifting your spirits, and making you feel great all over.

Do you know someone who needs upliftment, or encouragement to exercise? Make them a gift of this gym towel, and give them both.

The embroidered logo will also remind you to focus on the good in your life. Towels measure 37 x 60cm.

USD$19.95 + p&h


Are you in a dark, painful place, from where feeling gratitude is impossible? Do you really feel you have little, if anything, for which to be grateful? This workbook style book, "The G-spot - The Ecstasy of Life Through Gratitude" will take you on a journey of self-discovery through other perspectives and opinions, assisting you to arrive at your own. If you are in pain or darkness (or both) this book will help you back into the light of gratitude - without which a happy life is impossible. My contribution to this book came from a very personal journey into my own pain and despair. I ventured into that dark place to help you find your own way back to the light. A must-read if gratitude is not a huge feature of your life!

Click the graphic to read more about Gspot.

USD$19.95 + P&H

Follow this step-by-step system using my Happy Products to enhance your own Happy Life, or the happiness of someone you know. These Happy Products are the road map to your Happy Life. Live Life Happy!


When was the last time you helped someone out?

Felt good, huh?

To do something lovely for someone else, with no hope of reward or hidden agenda is soul food. Oooooh yeah! Feels great!

Who do you know who could do with a pick-me-up?

Do you know someone whose life is "on the rocks"?

Do you know someone whose life has been hijacked by stress?

Would you like to just show someone you care and think of them?

Any of the products on this page make a perfect "thinking of you" gift.

Some people need encouragement to seek help when their life is heading down the gurgler, or when they are far less than happy. For this reason I am making available Gift Certificates which can be redeemed on any of the above happy products or contributed towards the purchase of a mentoring package. A Gift Certificate takes the decision-making out of your hands and lets the recipient decide which happy products would make them happy. What could be better than the gift of happiness?

Simply click the button below to purchase using PayPal, or to purchase offline, contact us and request a Gift Certificate to be sent through the mail. Your recipient will be delighted you thought enough of them to want to elevate their happiness.