Happy New Years !!

Happy New Years!

Isn't it time you had the life you deserve?

Give yourself the gift of a fresh start.

If your life is not everything you wish it to be, this is your golden opportunity to sample the wonders of life mentoring at a bargain basement price. Let me introduce to you the possibilities of which you are so far unaware. Let me assist you to create the life of your dreams.

As my gift to you, to help you welcome in 2010, I am offering a "trial pack" of six mentoring sessions at a drastically reduced price.

The trial pack may be used to kick-start your year, as six weekly sessions, or for goal-setting and reviewing, with monthly sessions, or in any other manner particular to your needs. Irrespective of where you are right now, your trial pack will put you on the road to happiness. As this is a New Year gift to you, this special is available to a limited number, and only available until January 31, 2010.

This Happy New Years special will save you over $2,000.00 on normal mentoring fees.

If you have ever considered trying life mentoring or coaching (or you know someone who has) NOW is the time to snap up this limited, never-to-be-repeated offer!Take advantage NOW of my generous mood, the Christmas spirit expires on January 31.

For just $555 you can be living your new life this time next year. Purchase your trial pack NOW to secure your place!

The trial pack is available online or in-person. If you speak English I can put you on the road to happiness!

Use PayPal below (we will be in touch within 12 hours) or contact me to discuss payment options and schedule your new beginning.

Click the "BUY NOW" button to purchase using Paypal.

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No matter how far down the gurgler you think your life is, I can teach you to Life Life Happy! Grab your New Year Special (before they are all snapped up) and we'll get started.

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