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Entry to this Happy Money page is not permitted until you have read and implemented all the info in Happy You Happy Body and Happy Spirit If you have snuck ahead to the 'good bit' you can just turn around and get the most important elements of your Happy Life right first. Go on.

Sadly, most people think money and happiness are mutually inclusive - i.e. if you have money, you must be happy, but this is far from the truth. Some of the unhappiest people around are financially very comfortable - even wealthy! Money and happiness do not necessarily go hand in hand. In fact they may not even be on speaking terms.

Everyone knows money can't buy happiness - don't they? - don't you?

If your opinion is not rock solid on this concept, this page on money and happiness is vital reading for you.



The first thing you need to do is plan to keep yourself on track with your budget. How many times have you started a new saving or budgeting plan, only to blow it out the window within days (bit like dieting, really!). But, like dieting, just because you blow one day, or week, doesn't mean you've blown it forever. So, to help keep yourself on track subscribe to our newsletter so every month you'll receive gentle prods and reminders re your Happy Money, and other aspects of your Happy Life.


If you think your fiscal fitness (!) has gone down the gurgler to the extent that a few gentle prods and reminders won't revive it - consider our mentoring service to get your purse back in shape. Then "Happy Life The JJ Way" can take over and keep you on the straight and narrow.


Even though I've always been great with money (for which I'm very grateful to my deprived childhood) I still read and learn as much as I can in that regard. So that's my next piece of advice for you - take an interest in your money or it will disappear. Even if you won a million dollars this week, if you don't show an interest in it (apart from the redistribution of said million -to retail outlets) it will soon disappear.


We really can not progress this discussion any further without mentioning your money mindset. Have a think about yours. Is it a Poverty Perspective or a Millionaire Mindset? Not sure what I'm on about? This mindset is the foundation upon which your fiscal future rests - you'd better get it right. Take this opportunity to build the correct foundation on which to rest your millions: millionare mindset Go ahead and click that link. You'll never have Happy Money if you don't. Come back here when you're done. I have plenty to occupy me while I'm waiting......


Okay now we all have our heads straight, on to practical matters...


Far be it for me to be guilty of stating the bleedin' obvious, but......it's a sad fact that scores of people out there are living way beyond their means. Yep. They are spending more than they earn! I hear you recoiling in shock!

While you take a few calming deep breaths, let me address those for whom this subject may be relevant:

If you earn $100 per week and spend between $101 and any amount above - you are not on Happy Money Highway. In fact, you could well be cruising down Bankrupt Boulevard.

If you don't even know what your incomings and/or outgoings are - it's time to get wise. Sticking your head in the sand is not going to steer you to the exit ramp from Bankrupt Boulevard - only YOU can do that, by

taking control over money


Once you have the basics down, and are in control of your finances, we can then think about ways to grow your income even more. Watch this space for lots more info on Happy Money. It gets really exciting when you've covered your expenses and commence building wealth!

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