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Hi there! Pleased to meet you. Thanks for popping in. Let me

introduce Happy Me, aka Jacqueline Johns, Happiest Person I Know

- at your service. I also happen to be the author of your Happy Life

site, and your Happy Life Mentor.

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Why am I the happiest person I know?

It all started...

in Launceston, Tasmania, many moons ago.

Little Happy Me

Jacqueline Johns bikini shot

Happy Me was third born, so didn't manage to make it onto film

until I was walking, well, at least standing. My parents' lack of

photographic interest in my life up until then didn't phase Happy Me.

You see I had the most divine green spotted bikini and all the

luxuries money could buy! I felt so good in that bikini! I felt it

showed off my belly particularly well, and, with the slightest

adjustment, my thighs as well. My bathing buddy, sister Carolyn

(seated) seemed to be dwelling on the fact that the green spotted

bikini could never be hers, rather than being grateful for our

luxurious oasis.

We learned very early the simple pleasures to be gained from such

wholesome activities as shelling peas.

I'd say I'm definitely the happiest pea-sheller in the pic (seated). My

sisters Carolyn and Geraldine are standing, right.

The other two kids are just some neighbourhood hangers-on, and

I've no idea who the ghost is behind the bush on the right! But this

is probably where my spiritual development began!

Jacqueline Johns - not happy!

This idyllic life, however, was not to last. It wasn't long before I

learned my most valuable lesson: green spotted bikinis or

glamorous gowns, complete with gloves, hair and makeup, do not a

Happy Person make! Not Happy Me.

Jacqueline Johns at the Launceston Show

Ah, but spending a day with loved ones at the Launceston Show,

that will bring a smile to the dial! That's more like Happy Me.

Rieper sisters arrive at the Launceston show

I learned the hard way that what you resist, persists!

Life had tried to teach me at the tender age of five that 'glamorous

me' did not equal Happy Me. Yet here we were, years later, my

sisters and I held fast in the grip of the superficial beast that is

Glamour Fever.

It would be many years before my mentoring abilities would come to

the fore and I would succeed in convincing my sisters (Carolyn

centre, and Geraldine right) of the charade that is Designer


We have been assured of an eventual recovery, but it is a battle we

each wage on an almost daily basis. Even today, we take one day at

a time, determined to keep the beast at bay.

A taste of achievement can help one along the path to a Happy Life!

Especially when that achievement is gained from within the bosom

of a huge extended family.

Our swimming squad and the friends we made all throughout

Tasmania, and interstate, became like a big family.

Little did Mum know as she burned up the roads of Tasmania in her

little Hillman Hunter, Tupperware bursting at the seams with

sandwiches, and trusty thermos at the ready, that not only was she

giving us the opportunity to further our swimming careers, but also

enhancing our social skills to the point where we had a sense of

belonging wherever we went.

We were also oblivious to the subtle developments taking place

within our personas - we thought we were just having fun on the

road trips, singing to our home-recorded (from the radio) music and

indulging in the odd snooze in our sleeping bags!

Tasman Bridge cars on edge

Our Happy Lives almost all came to an end the night the Tasman

Bridge, in Hobart (refer to map above) was hit by the ship, 'Lake

Illawarra'. We were obviously meant to sing another day, as we

escaped death's clutches!

Bigger Happy Me

Kings Meadows High School

I spent the best years of my life at Kings Meadows High School,

where they made us wear ridiculously short dresses! But still I

remained, Happy Me.

After High School, I pursued the lofty heights of an office job, which

was to springboard me into my assault on Europe (still 'warm-up


As is tragically so often the case, at my first fulltime job

I met the love of my life, whom I was to eventually marry (his

repeated begging wore me down like a kid in a lolly shop! it's ok he

won't read this - woops! he did).

Soon I was wrenched from my hearth and home, near and dear, kith

and kin, and flung into the hurly-burly of 'mainland' (that is truly

what Taswegians call the big island of Australia) life, that is


the corruption of Jacqueline Johns

Of course, I was happy in Melbourne, too. Even when my friends

made a public spectacle of me in a crowded restaurant, in the form

of a Strip-o-gram, Happy Me smiled through it.

But this innocent girl from Tassie found the transition to the corrupt

Big City difficult, and public shame and humiliation being what they

are, I soon upped camp and escaped to sunny Adelaide, where I

hoped to lay low and leave the sordid past behind me!

Of course, the emotional turmoil I'd encountered since leaving my

sheltered Tasmanian home was sure to take it's toll on my health.

My immune system was sorely tested around this time and I was

presented with some potentially devastating health challenges. Not

only did I have the daily battle with Glamour Fever to endure, for

which my sisters and I regularly met to support and share

in the grip of glamour fever

(and as evidenced above, we didn't always win) I was soon afflicted

with a severe case of Blackspotitis, which Happy Me eventually

overcame with my positive attitude

Quickly followed by a particularly virulent strain of Purplefloralaria,

the day before my wedding!

Throughout all these health challenges, including a four year battle

with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, which was to come later, I always

looked forward to my recovery, never dwelling on the hard luck

which had befallen me.

Whilst living in Adelaide, I was lucky enough to be blessed with two

adorable bubbies, Emily and Thomas.

The happy busy-ness that is raising two babies helped me forget my

sullied past in Melbourne, so we moved back there and continued on

our happy way!

group hug

I'd learned the importance of making time for myself, whilst also

being the best Mum I could be. I continued to indulge the passion

for showbiz which had reared it's ugly head way back when.

A Happy Mum equals Happy Kids, so I always took the time to

exercise and indulge my passions....

Deliriously Happy Me

sexiest man alive - Hugh Jackman

but I drew the line when Hugh Jackman (the sexiest man alive)

couldn't keep his hands off me(!) and begged me to run away with

him(!!). My kids would always be my first passion....

and they'll kill me if they ever read this! But I've always maintained

it's a mother's right to publicly embarrass her kids, and have acted

on that philosophy numerous times.

I'm a committed Mum, whose goal has been to produce Happy Kids

whilst remaining Happy Me. I would now consider that I am close to

achieving that goal, which affords me a great sense of satisfaction.

And Now.....

My third baby, Jacqueline Johns Life Mentoring, was born in 2006,

after many years of voluntary mentoring of friends, neighbours,

acquaintances and total strangers who just wanted to tell me their


JJLM provides personal mentoring online and in person. With the

motto of "Life is NOT a dress rehearsal!", we hope to inspire people

the world over to live the life of their choice, NOW!

As an author, The Path To Success speaker Happy Events and

webmaster Site Build It  we now have the ability to reach people in

their tens as well as one-on-one!

You may have thought, when reading the opening statement

regarding me being the happiest person I know, that I was just born

lucky and had it all. WRONGO!

In the process of living my own Happy Life, I've endured marriage

breakups - my parents' and my own, financial hardship, ill health,

and still come out smiling. Now I am qualified to teach others how

to enjoy single life after years of being the centre of a busy family.

The preceding info about happy me gives you a glimpse into a life of

challenges (and there's more but you'll have to wait for the book)

which I have chosen to outlast with my positive attitude, and several

other skills I've learned or discovered along the way.

As my mission statement (below) explains, I'm driven to share this

knowledge, to uplift others (that's you!) and to assist you to live in

the happy state in which I reside.

Is there anything that could make Happy Me even happier?

To know I've reached thousands and thousands of people like these

and like these happy people and succeeded in uplifting, inspiring, or

having an impact on their lives. I want to express here my gratitude

to those people who have taken the time to contact me and offer

their kind words.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating this site (baby number four)

while STILL battling Glamour Fever, and consuming copious amounts

of licorice bullets - a sacrifice I gladly endure if the info contained

herein has been beneficial to you in any way. I have loved every

second of it, and hope it continues to grow and thrive, as all babies


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