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The delightful Iain Messer has once again invited me to be a guest on his 3WBC radio show - 'Messeround'. I will be appearing with Iain this Thursday, June 2, between 2pm and 4pm, if you'd like to listen in on 94.1FM. The show is also streamed live through the net.

Iain and I are intending to discuss my upcoming Bucket List Funshop however if my visit is anything like last time, we could end up solving the problems of the world!

So tune it between 2 and 4pm Thursday, 94.1 FM, and I'll see you there!

Guys! I just HAVE to share with you the latest of the Happy Events to manifest in my life. This morning I found in my inbox an email from Sumner Davenport. Sumner is a lady I met through an online network,- JasonsNetwork.com - The World's Most Beautiful People (dunno why they let me in!!). The email simply said "check this out". I followed the link and found the following blog posted on spiritualnetworks.com. I have reproduced the post below, or you can view the real blog post here here.

Anyway, suffice it to say I was so blown away, I just had to share this happiest of Happy Events with someone:

Meet my friend JJohns Posted On 11/04/2008 13:15:19 by Sumner

Meet my friend Jacqueline Johns,

We met through Jasons Network when she responded to one of my forum posts to participate in my upcoming book.

I learned more about her and her amazing energy in the journey. She has a gift of communication and a healing energy that can be felt in her words, and across the miles. I discovered her to be a wonderful listener, teacher and student, all balanced with a fun sense of humor. If you leave home without yours when you visit her website, she’ll wait for you to get it.

I have already received rave reviews on her submission from our test market:

“Colors have a deeper meaning for me now. What beautiful insight and inspiration”

“Gives me a new perception of my journey through a painful spot in my life”

“Her words spoke directly to my heart”.

Visit jjohns on Jasons Network and you will find an amazing person.

I am very grateful for meeting her and getting to know her. I am very grateful that she participated in my book, and I am grateful for all the lives that are touched because of her generousity of spirit.

And then my book, The “G” Spot, The ecstasy of life through Gratitude, launches internationally on November 11th. Complete with bonus gifts (some from your friends here at Jasons Network) Check it out: (http://selfinvestmentpublishing.com/#G)

Jacqueline Johns

Jacqueline Johns Presents...

the book even her co-authors are raving about...

"I’m writing as a co-author of The Path To Success and have just finished reading ‘Trust in Your Inner Weirdo.’

I received 5 different gems of wisdom from your story and am writing to thank you for sharing your truth with the world.

It’s great to be associated with you.

Always Choose Empowering Thoughts!"

Jacki Janetzki www.EmpowerMyDay.com

The Path To Success

The Path To Success

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FRIDAY OCTOBER 24TH - 12.30 - 2.00 PM

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Nunawading Library

379 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading

Wednesday, October 8

I will be presenting a talk and signing copies of this inspiring book!

The presentation is free of charge, and I'd love to see you there.

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Nikhil Rughani, author and expert on the success mindset.


"Success Series" of interviews.

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