Don't believe happiness is a choice? Feel free to argue the point with me after you read this page.

Every second of every day, whether consciously or not, you are making choices.

To make your bed or not; to go to work or not; to have a baby or not; to make that call or not; to take that risk or not; Seinfeld reruns or CSI; the muffin or the chips.

You may feel as though your life is a certain way and you're stuck with it. Surprise!!!!! You're not! If you really think about it honestly, what's to stop you jumping the first international flight tomorrow and jetting off into the wild blue yonder? The simple answer is: you choose not to.

This could easily become a subject for a whole nother page, but what I want to focus on here is: just as you choose every minute of your life, you also choose what you focus on.

What you focus on ie. think about, causes you to experience emotion.

Take me for example, sitting here at my kitchen table, gazing out my front window admiring my magnificent tree. My admiration of that tree, leads me to feel grateful for having such a masterpiece on display for my viewing pleasure. Gratitude leads me to happiness. Happiness is a choice I make every time I look out my window.

NOW - I could be gazing out my window focussing on my broken-down front fence which needs replacing, but I choose not to. I'd rather feel happy.

OR - I could turn around and gaze out my back window, where, once again, I have the choice between another magnificent tree, or the dusty back yard, where construction of a house commenced recently. Which would I choose to focus on? You guessed it! Happiness is a choice I make almost every second of every day. There's absolutely no reason why you can't, too.

You can choose to be happy under almost any circumstances. Remember the movie "Life is Beautiful" where the Dad and his son were in a prison camp? For his son's sake, the dad chose to alter his perspective and look at life in the camp as a game. A perfect illustration of my point.

 HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE - whether you are rich or poor

As many celebrities know, you can have it "ALL" and still not be happy.

The appalling behaviour exhibited by many clues us into the fact that a lot of these people just aren't happy!

You may be reading this in your oak-panelled study, or on your new ocean-cruiser (is there such a thing? I know nothing about boats!) having just signed a trillion dollar deal, and Miss World/Hugh Jackman waiting to dine with you. And you could be happy, really happy. Or you could be thinking "What's wrong with me? Miss World/Hugh Jackman is waiting to dine with me on my new tub/in my mansion/wherever, and I'm filthy rich and I'm still not happy.

In fact, you could be downright depressed! (If you find you just can't face dinner- send Hugh to my place with a pizza! He'd be better off spending the evening with someone who is truly happy rather than someone in your depressed state anyway!).

I know, I know, some of you are now sitting there in your glam trackies thinking "If all that can't make you happy, what hope have I got? How can I be happy in my humble little suburban home, eking out an existence at the local Kmart and bringing up my kids?"


You can be happy anywhere under almost any circumstances if you choose to. That's right folks (I don't know why I keep calling you that - my high school english teacher called us 'folks' and it used to really annoy me!).

Anyway.....PEOPLE....(that's better!) by choosing to focus on what makes you happy - you choose to be happy.

It works! Try it!

Contact Us and let us know how it's working for you.

Next time something gets you down, remember me and my beautiful trees, in an otherwise less-than-beautiful environment.

Of vital importance for you to remember:Happiness is a choice.

Be honest. Will you remember this time next month to choose happiness? Probably not. Why not let me remind you on a regular basis? I'll also be bringing you lots of other ways to help you live a happy life (and hopefully a smile or two!) in my newsletter, "Happy Life The JJ Way"

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