Happiness Checkup!

with Jacqueline Johns - Your Happy Life Mentor

What is a Happiness Checkup?

A Happiness Checkup is an illuminating consultation in which you

and your Life Mentor uncover the action necessary to increase your

enjoyment of life.

This thirty minute online or telephone consultation could change

your life!

You are unique, with your own unique set of circumstances.

It's great to read about how to live a happy life, but you need to

discuss your OWN set of circumstances with someone who cares,

and who possesses the wisdom and intuition to help you find your

own brand of happiness.

You're probably feeling lost and confused right now.

Just talking about it can lift a weight from your shoulders. Your

online or telephone consultation will give you clarity, and at least

one step you can take in the direction of happiness.

Stepping forward is a great feeling! Moving towards your happy life

makes you feel empowered. You may be feeling 'stuck' and power-

less at the moment. Let us give you that initial 'shove' to introduce

some momentum into your life. It could change everything!

Choose to move! You're not going anywhere if you're stuck. Here is

your opportunity to access an experienced Life Mentor for your own,

unique happiness road map, without paying coaching fees.

Sometimes you just need to hear one word or idea which puts you

on the path to a Happy Life.

Maybe you're feeling generally happy, but just have one issue you

would like to discuss with someone outside your circle. It's so much

easier to speak candidly with someone unrelated and totally neutral.

If you would like to read about Daz, a happy client who found that

one telephone call could change his life, click here and you will be

introduced to Daz, and the magic that this consultation can


Or click the "Buy Now" button below if you are ready to stop feeling

stuck, and start moving towards your Happy Life. After all, that's

what you really want, isn't it?

Happiness Checkup - Why?

You may suspect that you would benefit from a mentoring program

and most definitely, you would.

A Happiness Checkup is an opportunity to engage with your Life

Mentor briefly without committing to a Mentoring program. It's an

opportunity to look at the big picture of your life without necessarily

going into the details. Your Happiness Checkup will introduce you to

your Life Mentor and identify something you can do in order to move


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