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At Happy Life Mentoring, we offer a 20-minute introductory free chat.

We understand that Life Coaching/mentoring can get personal.

We also understand that there is trust involved.

Many life coaches NEVER meet their clients face to face, let alone being generous enough to introduce themselves - fee-and-obligation-free!

Before you put your happiness in our hands, we understand you might like to check us out, get a feel for the kind of person your mentor is.

We also like to have the opportunity to choose the people with whom we'd like to work. Very rarely, we meet with people who don't fit our mentoring profile. It's kinder to everyone involved if these people are identified before coaching begins.

It's kinder to YOU to ensure you're happy with the person you've selected to help you Live Life Happy! At this casual session we'll explain to you what you can expect from us, and you're welcome to ask us anything about the service we provide, because we understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable about placing your happiness in our hands. We'd also like to loosely establish how you would like your mentoring to progress, after all, it IS all about you!

At Happy Life Mentoring, we tailor your mentoring to YOU. We don't use a one-size-fits-all model and make YOU fit IT. We're aware that you are an individual - and we love that about you.

You will be under no obligation, but we think you'll leave the session excited and enthused about the new possibilities for your life!

Use the form below to schedule your free introductory session.

We'll size each other up and go from there.

Ensure you give us your telephone number, and we'll be in touch soon to schedule your free 20-minute introductory session.

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