A Word About The Current Global Financial Crisis

The financial crisis need not devastate your happy life if you choose not to allow it. We are all aware of the current state of the world finance markets, but I felt moved to write this page to address you who are being sucked into the void of terror and panic.

If the doom and gloom being bandied about is really effecting you - your moods and day-to-day life, I beseech you to unplug from the vacuum! Don't read the papers or listen to the news if the words "financial crisis" fill you with terror. There is no need to be living in fear. If you are focusing on fear-raising 'stuff' then more fear you will receive.

If you lost 'X' amount on the stock market, how is that going to effect your everyday life? Will there still be food to eat? Will you have somewhere to live, four walls and a roof?

The law of attraction states that what we focus on, we receive. So if you are sucking up all the bad news on the finance front (or for that matter, any front) you will receive more of it. So PLEASE, unplug yourself from it, don't discuss it, don't dwell on it. Focus instead on how you DO want things to be. Keep your eyes on the prize of the life you want.

Granted, there is likely to be adjustments to be made to our lives, so if you fear change there may be a degree of pain. But that pain is the precursor to growth of the spirit. We can all tolerate a little pain in exchange for growth, can't we?

When it all comes down to it, if they pushed the button tomorrow, those of us remaining (if any) would be glad to have a roof over our heads and food on the table. If you fear what your life would be like without the luxuries you now see as necessities, you are listening to your ego.

Do you honestly really NEED the latest model four wheel drive to survive? Would your life not be worth living if you didn't renew your wardrobe every year? How do all the 'things' (or dollars) you collect really ADD VALUE to your life?

Do you need 'things' (or numbers of dollars) to make you feel equal to, or better than, someone else? If you really think your life would be over without the material comforts you've come to know and love, and you are in FEAR of losing 'everything', it may help you to have a look at your values. Chasing material satisfaction is not going to lead you to happiness or fulfillment. After our food/shelter/clothing needs are met and we have meaningful work to do, the next most fulfilling task we can undertake is to serve others.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to be surrounded by nice things and to wear nice clothes etc, so I'm not beseeching you to sell up, donate everything to charity and go and live in a caravan in the bush (unless of course, that's what you'd like to do).

The point I'm making here is that if you are still able to LIVE (eat, breathe, sleep, work, love) then life is still worth living. If you are so attached to your 'things' that you are in fear of losing, you need to move your ego out of the way and get acquainted with your higher self. In fact, if you have been operating from your ego, you may find being unburdened of some of your material possessions quite a relief, in conjunction with the realization that a simple life of service brings much more fulfillment than chasing the dollar ever could.

Soldier on and focus on being grateful for what you have - not in fear of what you could lose.

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