Heeelp! I Don't Feel Good!

Don't feel good?

Don't panic.

Relaaaax...we can change that.

Feel Good NOW

There are heaps of things (technical term) you can do to make yourself feel good NOW.

Here's a small selection to get you started:

1. Pop over to your laugh out loud page for a good belly laugh. Do you have a stash of funny emails or a joke book or even a movie that makes you laugh out loud?

It's not just an old wives' tale that laughter is the best medicine - it really is! Laugh loud and often. To find out more about laughter check out this humour-laughter website

2. Doing something nice for someone else will make you feel good. Maybe you could send us your funny material, so we can share it online?  

3. Put on your favourite music, crank the volume up and give your neighbours a free concert the likes of which they've never seen before! I promise an hour or two of singing and dancing will have you sitting on top of the world!

4. Is there someone in your life who could do with some cheering up? Our happy products page has something for everyone.

5. Make a list, in your own handwriting, of everything you have to be grateful for. I defy you to not feel GREAT after this one! Click here for more on gratitude - it's vital for a Happy Life.

Feel Good LATER

1. Study and learn to apply the Law of Attraction - to change your current reality.

If you do feel bad, you need to change your focus from whatever is making you feel bad, to how you would LIKE it to be.

So, for instance, if you spend time worrying and thinking about debt you may have, spend time each day instead imagining financial freedom, and FEEL the feelings of that financial freedom. This will ensure you feel great. The more detail you can imagine, the better.

It is vital to your happy life that you take this info on board. Imagine you are a magnet, attracting to yourself more of all the feelings you feel. Do you want more guilt, depression, poverty?

Feeling bad is counter-productive - banish it from your life. Before you get out of bed every morning, use visualization to make you feel happy and energized. Spend time each day visualizing your life as you want it to be, feeling as though it has already happened. How great does that feel?

It can take time to make this a habit, but when your visualizations start manifesting in your life, you'll know it is worth the time. Plus, of course it's just better to feel great.

Make a promise to yourself to feel fantastic as often as possible - you deserve it, don't you?

2. Improve your fitness level. Okay I know I've said this before, but it's important. Are you listening?

3. Devote some time to improving a relationship. Tell someone you love them, send flowers, arrange a date, surprise them.

4. Spend some time checking your fiscal fitness at your happy money page. Control over your money is vital to your Happy Life.

5. Take a class. How is your "101 Things To Do Before I Die" list shaping up? Gaaasssppp! You mean you don't have one? Why would you choose to be at the end of your life and regretting all those things you wanted to accomplish and didn't? If you DO have your list, plan how you will achieve the next thing. Take that class, learn that skill, commence that hobby.

Live Life Happy!

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