My Favourite Romantic Story

The following is my favourite romantic story and comes from my very dear friends, Pia and Ken, whose names have been changed to preserve their modesty.

The thing I love most about my favourite romantic story is it's illustration that we don't always get to choose who we fall in love with. Some things are just meant to be...enjoy...and then add your romantic love stories here.

Ken was twenty-one years old and training to be a Catholic priest.

Being a smiley, affable chap, Ken made friends wherever he went. He had a particular attachment to Doreen, one of the ladies who worked in the office shared by the seminary where he was training and the attached High School. It may have been that she had the same name as his mother, who he loved dearly, but over several shared morning teas, the attachment was formed none-the-less.

One morning between biscuit-dunkings, Ken confided to Doreen that he had begun to have doubts about his chosen vocation. All their chats about their respective families had made Ken wonder if forsaking a family of his own was too big a sacrifice....and there was that young girl he kept seeing who had taken his eye. Ken didn't even know if he believed in love at first sight but here he was experiencing it! With a schoolgirl! A schoolgirl he hadn't even met!

Doreen's advice was solid: "these things have a way of working themselves out - give it time, follow your heart, and the decision will make itself."

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One afternoon Ken had made himself comfortable at a desk behind the door of Doreen's office while they chatted easily and Doreen finished up her work for the day. Suddenly the door burst open and a young female voice exclaimed, "Are you nearly ready Mum?". From Ken's vantage point the voice owner was not visible, but he knew enough to assume it was Doreen's fifteen year old daughter who attended the attached school. "Yes almost, come in and meet Ken while I finish up", was her Mum's response.

"Duh!" grumbled Pia in that selfish, impatient way fifteen year olds have, as she bustled into the office. She shot Ken a cursory glance, "Hi", was all this cool fifteen year old could muster for an uncool old guy training to be a priest.

"Hello", Ken managed as the blood drained from his face and the unreality of the situation enveloped him. He became aware of Doreen's voice in the background, but had no comprehension of what she was saying, as dreamlike, everything seemed to slow to a stop. Pia looked at him questioningly, thinking, "freak".

Eventually, noting the lack of response from Ken, Doreen stopped talking to look at him and instantly knew. Her daughter Pia was the girl he was in love with! Awkward!

As her heart went out to Ken, Doreen attempted to introduce Pia to him again, with a modicum of success. She hurriedly packed up, suggesting Pia wait for her at the car.

Poor Doreen! She was acutely aware of Ken's feelings for Pia, and equally aware that there was no way her headstrong daughter would ever allow herself to be interested in him. No matter how fond of him Doreen was, Pia would only ever see him as dorky and uncool. Not only that, Doreen was fond of him, but fond enough to allow him to romance her fifteen year old daughter??

"Follow your heart." Now her words came back to haunt her....

In the ensuing months while Pia was enjoying the inevitable high school romances of an attractive young thing, and Ken continued to battle with his vocational choice, the friendship between Ken and Doreen grew to the point where he was an occasional dinner guest at Doreen's home, soon cementing himself as a family friend.

At the end of that year Pia traveled interstate on a school trip, enjoying the company of her girlfriends and her boyfriend (the coolest boy in school). One day on the bus Pia was overcome with acute stomach pain, and had to be rushed to hospital. Her condition declined to the point where she lost consciousness, and was rambling and moaning as the unconscious often do. When the hospital staff contacted her parents in her home state, they reported her condition adding, "she keeps repeating one name over and over ......who is Ken?"

Ken flew to her side, saw her safely home, and they were engaged a year later.

Pia and Ken are happily married with five beautiful children.

Ken would have made a great priest, but together he and Pia have made an outstanding family of great citizens and contributors to society. The Priesthood's loss has been our gain.

That was my favourite romantic story. Do you have a good one? Add yours here

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