Classes and Workshops to Enhance Your Happy Life

These classes and workshops have the power to turn your happy life around!

You may prefer to attend one of our classes or workshops rather than be mentored one-on-one. Or classes and workshops are a fun way to ensure you Live Life Happy!

Spending an hour or two with other people who understand your desire to be the best you can be is good for the soul. Your current friends may differ from you in that they have no interest in improving their lives. Don't let them hold you back! Step out from the shadow and become the individual you were meant to be - you may even make some new, inspiring friends along the way - friends who also want to Live Life Happy!

If you would like to attend a workshop on a subject not mentioned here, contact us and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

Bucket List Workshop

Don't know what a bucket list is?

Or why you should attend a bucket list workshop?

Click here for all the bucket list info you need.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Stressed to the max?

Always feeling on edge?

Losing sleep?

Relationships suffering?

Unable to concentrate?

Worried about how much longer you can sustain this unhealthy lifestyle?

Before you reach for your depression medication (and start to enjoy it's many side effects) enroll in a meditation class where you will experience peace, serenity, upliftment, and total body relaxation.

You will notice your stress melt away, your sleep improve, your concentration, health and relationships all undergo a transformation.

See the many other benefits of meditation to inform yourself of what you can expect to gain from meditation classes. If you own a business with ten or more staff you need to ensure you are making the most of your most valuable asset - your staff. See our business services page for information on how we can assist you to keep your staff happy, healthy, focused,and productive so they can continue to give of their best. Isn't that what you pay them for? Watch your absenteeism reduce and your productivity skyrocket with our range of business services

Contact us to discuss your staff workshop requirements.

Watch this space for additional ways to join in at Happy Life Mentoring in the future.