Cianna's love quote

by Cianna Johnson
(Detroit Michigan)

Love is being with someone to become one with them not because they make you happy.

Love is seeing the other person as a teacher and being a teacher of them.

Love is respecting the other person as unique

Love is forgiving and letting go.

Love is always present even when it is not deserved.

Love is sharing, giving and receiving.

Love is independent and encouraging the other to also be.

Love is knowing the other person isn't perfect but loving them anyway.

Love is unselfish and putting the other person's needs first.

Love is never getting embarrassed by the other person's behavior.

Love is caring more about the other person for being them and not for their looks or success.

Love never dies, if it does than that was not love.

Love is seeing the other person as one with you and not higher or lesser.

Love let's anger go quickly

Love is loyal

Love is compassionate

Love selflessly encourages the other person to grow

Love is without condition and expectations

Love does not expect the other person to change because you want them to make you happy.

Love will only want change if it will help the loved one be a happy and healthy person.

Love is seeing the other person as a mirror of yourself and being proud.

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