Are you treating your body, mind and soul to the many benefits of meditation?

If not, why not?

Do you not deserve to feel, peaceful, happy, joyful, relaxed, resilient, able to cope?

Are your blood pressure, sleep, and moods all perfectly balanced?

Is the dosage of your depression medication steadily climbing?

Would you like to step off the drug treadmill and start living a healthy, happy life?

Back when your Happy Life site was born, meditators were in the minority. The practice of meditation was seen as left of centre.  Now people have become more aware of the benefits of meditation - often known by the on-trend term "mindfulness" now. The benefits of meditation have become common knowledge and the practice has become mainstream.

Stillness helps your mind detach from your ego (that’s a good thing) and it lets you become conscious of who you really are (a beautiful soul) and it lets your body restore, rejuvenate and repair.

Meditation gives your personality a rest and allows your consciousness to emerge. And your consciousness is WISE, serene, and altogether way cool! Of course, you may also have a cool personality, but if you don’t, you may want to bench it for a while and let your consciousness have a shot. Before you know it, your personality adopts some of the coolness of your consciousness and voila! you’re on your way to being the best version of yourself (EVER).

Would you like to start enjoying soon the numerous improvements meditation can bring to your life?

How about now?

Benefits of Meditation Listed


Improves general health

Helps symptoms of PMT

Enhances the immune system

Improves concentration and strengthens the mind

Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering levels of blood lactate

Reduces emotional distress

Decreases breathing rate

Decreases heart rate

Reduces viral activity

Increases blood flow

Increases longevity

Slows aging

Helps allergies

Enhances creativity

Increases vitality

Deepens level of relaxation

Normalizes blood pressure

Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients

Decreases muscle tension and headaches

Reduces heart disease

Builds self-confidence

Increases serotonin production effecting depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches

Increases self-awareness - this is HUGE! Look out for a forthcoming page on this topic.

Increases feelings of 'connectedness' or 'oneness'

Peels away layers of ignorance

Makes you a nicer person

Scientific research has shown meditators to be happier people. Tests showed increased activity in the right prefrontal cortex of the brain (the joy, happiness, peace of mind centre) in long-term meditators, not just during the meditation, but also after.

When are you going to Live Life Happy!?