ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: Not so alternative anymore!

Does the term 'alternative medicine' conjure an image in your mind of long-skirted, dread-locked hippies, dancing in a circle whilst chanting and brandishing foliage? It's not like that anymore! Well, not ALL alternative therapies are like that!

In the interests of a Happy Life and a healthy body it pays to have an open mind. In fact, some of the unhappiest people I know, have very closed minds. This closed-mindedness can impact heavily on your life, especially in terms of your health.

While conventional medicine has its place, there are hundreds of alternative modalities of which you may not even be aware, which could benefit your health. For a list of alternative therapies (usually grouped under the umbrella title of Complementary and Alterative Medicine - CAM) click here 

If you had a look at that list you will notice most of the therapies are preventative ie health care BEFORE the fact, rather than 'bandaid medicine' after the horse has bolted!

You will, of course, use your common sense when opening your mind to alternative medicine. While there are available some really effective therapies, there's also a lot of quackery going on out there, so please do be careful.

Alternative Medicine Works For Me

I like to use and recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as my preferred alternative therapy. Several years ago I was left high and dry by conventional medicine when I suffered with Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome which was very debilitating.

I was basically told to go home and wait and I'd eventually recover. Luckily, a friend recommended her Chinese Herbalist to me, and I noticed an improvement almost straight away. I have since recommended that same herbalist to many, many friends and acquaintances, with some obtaining outstanding results.

One case in point would be a friend of mine who had been informed by two gynecologists of her necessity for a hysterectomy,- a fate she did not happily anticipate. At my suggestion, she visited my herbalist, who alleviated the problem in three visits!

Many people, particularly more the more senior among us, really do put their lives in the hands of their trusted doctor, rather than taking responsibility for their own health. They have so much faith in their doctor that they may consider trying an alternative as betrayal, but there are currently many different approaches to health, some of which are changing lives for the better.

Often, there is no need to be putting drugs into your body. Who knows what else those drugs are doing to you, while they're alleviating symptoms? Alternative medicine usually treats the cause rather than the symptom, and does so utilizing non-toxic means.

Don't you agree it just makes sense to look after yourself, thereby avoiding visits to your doctor's germ-infested waiting room, prescription drugs, unnecessary procedures, etc, etc?

Of course, one day you may NEED to risk that waiting room (conventional medicine has its place) but hopefully that will be years down the track, after you have spent many years utilizing my POP's (Pillars of Prevention) and feeling as fit as a Mallee Bull and twice as dangerous!