Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi <>, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

Hands up if you can't believe February is already here and four days old?.........Yep! That's most of us incredulous!

I hope you've all enjoyed the holiday period and are ready to make 2009 your happiest year yet. This will mean you've taken stock of your life, and decided where, how and with whom you're moving forward into this exciting year. As part of the planning process, you would have considered your love relationship/s because these slippery little suckers are integral to your Happy Life. Right?

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Given that Valentines Day is upon us, I thought I'd tip my hat to the Lovers' Day, and maybe give you a new perspective to consider.

If you're groaning reading this because you're single - lucky you! You have all that extra time to be planning and living the life of your dreams! There is something very attractive about a person filled with passion for life! If you're busy living you'll hardly notice the lack of a lover.

Love of life ensures a good love life.

Here's that link again if your lack of enthusiasm isn't exactly making you a people magnet:

Make 2009 Your Turning Point

Valentine's Day - Ignore It At Your Peril!!

I remember being a young teenager, reading teen magazines from England or America, and lamenting the fact that we in Australia did not recognise St Valentines Day.

How could we let this stupendous opportunity for romance, excitement, lurve, pass us by?

Why did we, as a nation, not encourage all those inhibited romeos to show their true colours, even anonymously? (how romantic!)

I was sure, SURE that given the chance, some poor dude out there would be delighted to express his undying love for me with an anonymous card - or better yet - dare one even hope for - flowers??

Well the florists of Australia must have tuned into my thought processes, because - hallelujah and pass the vegemite! - Australia has caught on - and how!!

Fast forward a few(!) years, find me older, wiser, and I suppose, a touch more cynical, and now lamenting the commerciality of it all (is commerciality a word?).

My heart goes out to the poor boyfriends/hubbies of this world who feel obliged - no that's not strong enough a word - FORCED to trudge off to the florist for the mandatory peace offering.

Of course, the really 'together' guys have their secretaries arrange delivery of said offering.



The really SMART together guys ensure the love trophy is delivered to her place of work, so all her colleagues can bear witness to the fact that she is indeed, loved beyond measure!

Sorry Chix, but I've got to go with the guys here. Just how meaningful IS a gift when one has been coerced by girlfriend/wife or society into the purchasing of said gift?

How many florists/newsagents/gift shops are profiteering from the soul-less materialism that 'the lovers day' has become?

Don't get me wrong, the opening paragraph exposes me as the hopeless romantic that I am (albeit a realistic hopeless romantic!) and I applaud all you fellow-romantics out there who will already be planning the big day and night, just because you wish to celebrate your love. *sigh*.

It's the other poor blighters I'm cringing for, but what can they do?

Where have we left them to go ? There are only two possible exits from the corner into which we have them backed :

1. Fork out at the Florist with a meaningless, yet probably expensive gift whilst feeling utterly hog-tied and ashamed of your inauthenticity (hey! if it's that bad, what are you doing there?)

2. Brave the possible wrath, tirade, cold-shoulder, or disappointment of your beloved (not to mention lack of ......affection) as emptyhanded, you explain your need to not be dictated to by society.

Let me tell you that argument ain't gonna hold a lot of water on this day for lovers!

He/She may even appear to agree with you, but deep down disappointment WILL be stirring.

Who doesn't enjoy expressions of love? (Irrespective of the date).

If it's you I'm addressing in the last paragraph, and your partner says they don't need empty displays of affection dictated by the calendar, take my advice.....at least buy a mushy card.

This little insurance policy could make or break your Happy Life for an indefinite period from February 14th onwards.

For those of you who are single - spread the love! Send someone you fancy a card and make their day, possibly their year. Making someone else feel good is a great way to lift your own spirit.

Imagine if every inhabitant of earth took the time to express love and affection on this day.

Wow! We'd all be soaking up those love vibes and feeling GREAT!

I know many people don't like being dictated to when it comes to romance, but hey! put your dukes down and see the day for the opportunity it is - to deepen your relationship, make someone else's day, or approach someone new. Open your mind to the possibilities rather than sticking your head in the sand.

He or She who ignores St Valentines Day does so at their own peril!

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Until next month, I wish you a Happy Life.

Jackie xxx