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I hope you all enjoyed a magnificent March, wherever you are on the planet. We in Melbourne have been particularly spoilt with beautiful sunshiney days (still beach weather) and crisp, snuggley nights. On a personal note, I've been squeezing every drop I can muster from summer, attending concerts, country races, and generally socialising to the best of my ability - and boy! It's been fun. My Happy Life is ....happy, because I make it so. See some of my Happy Snaps from summer

How is your Happy Life? Why don't you pick up the phone now and arrange a fun outing this weekend? Or even an Easter break? If you've been focussing on stuff that doesn't make you feel good (and we all know that's in plentiful supply at the moment) take a breather. In fact, read this feel good page and then the following article.


Are you aware of the silent assassin in our midst?

Not only is he aided by his silence, invisibility is his cloak until he has you in his steel grip. You cannot see him approach, in fact he is totally undetectable until your body and/or mind alerts you to the fact that he is upon you. Too late!! Once he sinks his teeth into the nape of your tender neck you are a goner my friend. He sucks the blood and life from you, feeding his own strength and power, as you buckle under his might, depleted, confused, distraught.

You will find a Happy Life is impossibile with this menace lurking in your vicinity.

This silent assassin uses aliases, and he doesn't act alone - he brings an army with him to ensure his victory. Headaches, short tempers, high blood pressure, heart attacks, cancer, failed relationships, mental illness, respiratory diseases, lupus, all contribute to his armoury.

Testimony to his skill:

"Stress is taking a terrible toll on the nation’s health and economy. It is a heavy contributor to heart disease, cancer, respiratory distress, lupus and many other life threatening illnesses.” Dr. Paul Rosch, Medical Scientist and Stress Expert

"According to the American Medical Association, stress is a factor in more than 75% of sickness today. And according to the World Health Organization, stress is America’s #1 Health Problem."

“Stress hormones can badly upset the biochemical balances in our body. That can impair our immune system and leave us open to invasions of cancer cells and dangerous infections.” Dr. Bruce McEwen, Former Director Rockefeller University’s Neuroendocrine Laboratory

If you're anything like me you've had enough of the bad news and are looking for the answer:

How do we combat this omnipotent assassin?

Don't lose hope, there is a way. Like the ubiquitous hobbits on their seemingly hopeless quest to dispose of The Ring against the might of Sauron, there is an innocuous antidote to this assassin.

Just as faith in the hobbits was hard to come by, your faith in me may be tested when I say the giant-killer I speak of is not a pharmaceutical product, nor a medical breakthrough. The silent assassin can be overcome simply by - regular meditation (the second reason why I'm The Happiest Person I Know).

See the benefits of meditation here

If you are not already a meditator, and if you think you can't do it, try learning meditation

If you are aware of the benefits but haven't gotten around to doing anything about it, enrol in a class.

A class situation is by far the best way to learn, and the more often you meditate, the sooner you will see the benefits, so I recommend if you do attend a class, to also make time to meditate between classes. Or if you prefer not to attend a class, you can purchase my meditation CD, 'Unwind'. This gives you flexibility to meditate at your leisure, and of course, portability. Purchase 'Unwind' here: Happy Products

However you choose to practice meditation, and there are many methods, you will be doing yourself, your body, mind and spirit a huge favour when you make it a part of your routine.

Do you REALLY want a Happy Life?

It's your choice.

Click here to enrol in a meditation class

Click here to purchase my meditation CD 'Unwind'

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When I was given an opportunity to share my message with the world, through my first publication The Path To Success I thought it may be my only opportunity, ever. So I thought long and hard about the number one reason I am The Happiest Person I Know. If I could only share one message with the world, which would be the most important?

The answer is my contribution to The Path To Success and it is my fervent wish that you read it, take my message on board, and become The Happiest Person You Know!

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Until next month, I wish you a Happy Life.

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