Spring Clean Your Life - Part One

Hi <>, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

A rather momentous occasion is occurring in my Happy Life next week... My baby girl is leaving the nest to explore the world with her girlfriend, Emma. This event engenders so many emotions on different levels:

Happiness and excitement for her - the experiences she will encounter will help her discover more about her wonderfulness and contribute to her growth, more than any experience she has so far encountered.

Concern for her - Like any parent, I wish those experiences to be positive and safe.

Pity for myself - I will miss her breezing in and out of my little palace, leaving her calling cards: a pair of shoes here, a trashed bathroom there.

I will be using the time she is away as a goal-setting exercise. I intend to rid myself of the evidence of the licorice bullet addiction I have formed whilst building your Happy Life website. This will give me something positive to focus on, and expediate her return.

Now, for those of you who haven't noticed, spring is sprung! Rather than hit you with three spring cleaning projects at once, (in which case you'd probably complete none) I've split this month's article into three. So for each month of spring we will be focussing on different projects. Of course, the most urgent is first.....enjoy!

Spring Clean Your Life - Part One

Yoohoo!! Wake up!! Spring is sprung! Well, it is for those of us residing south of the equator. Apologies to my northern readers. For the sake of this newsletter, can you just pretend?

I noticed blossoms on my walk a few weeks ago, and the wattle was very early this year. Have you noticed the days becoming slightly longer? Isn't it exciting? The world is waking up from it's winter slumber. The best, best, BEST thing about this time of year is the days when you smell that first hint of spring. There's a certain something in the air that wreaks of new promise. Life is beginning again. With just a whispering of warmth nature is abuzz - readying for the party season. Suddenly we find new energy, enthusiasm, excitement! Oh yeah! Life is good. Isn't it?? We have so much to look forward to. Don't we?

Let's get busy - there's so much to do.

Spring Clean Your MIND

You know, your life is created in your head.

Read that line again.

Your life is created by your thoughts.

'You' actually live in your head.

What does it look like in there?

Is it all sunshiny and bright and full of promise? Are there pictures in there of how you want your life to be? Is everything clean and polished, and 'lived-in'?

Maybe it has a few dark patches where cobwebs form, and the odd pest lurks? Could there be an old stack of newspapers in the corner, screaming inspiring headlines like "Petrol Prices at an All-Time High", "Home-Owners In The Doldrums", "Terrorist Threat Looms" (I can't go on - you get the picture). Does it feel a bit dusty and neglected?

Take a few minutes now to really examine your mind. What do you think about most? How is that represented in the picture of your mind?

When you have that mental picture, ask yourself: "Is this what I want more of in my life?"

The law of attraction states that what we think about most shows up in our life. So if you're spending time lamenting the state of your life (bad relationship, lacklustre career, fat bum) guess what? That's exactly what you'll get more of!

You need to do some urgent spring cleaning here!

It's just a matter of becoming aware of any negative thoughts and, like pests and cobwebs, clean them out. Refuse to give them your energy and attention. When a negative thought penetrates your brain become aware that it's there, and choose a positive thought instead. Focus on that positive thought, and you'll find the negative thought will shrivel up and disappear due to lack of attention.

If you're not paying attention to your state of mind and you're not naturally positive, you could be dooming yourself to misery or worse (there's worse than misery?) for the rest of your life. People who habitually choose negative thoughts are seeing life through poo-coloured glasses. I really want to stress here that you have a choice. You can choose to take off those glasses at any time, even swap them for rose-coloured ones (I have a spare pair lying around somewhere) and change your whole life. It does take a bit of practise, and a little courage, but it's worth it.

If, during the course of examining the inside of your mind, you come across an old chest filled with negative thoughts about yourself, you need to act now. If you're not yet aware of your wonderfulness check in at your attitude adjustment clinic. Read it every day if necessary. If you find it's not getting you anywhere there are further steps you can take to improve this area.See my new self esteem page. But I promise you, you could have Angelina Jolie's/Brad Pitt's body and a cleaner home than Bree from Desperate Housewives, but unless you have your thinking sorted, you won't be happy. The insidious little worm that is low self-esteem permeates all areas of your life - career, relationships, your whole life.

Finding out who you really are, and being true to that person is why you're here. If you're looking in the mirror through poo-coloured glasses - the view ain't gonna be pretty!- AND it won't be true. No-one gets to be the best they can be whilst wearing glasses with the wrong lenses.

Take off those glasses and use your mind to create the life you want. Give yourself the life you desire and deserve. If your life is not what you want at the moment - rethink it!

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