Spring Clean Your Life - Part Three

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And welcome to November!

Don't know about you, but my October was flat out!

Firstly I had the talk at Nunawading Library to prepare for, and then a flying trip to Tassie just last week to sign copies of my first literary triumph - The Path To Success see Happy Snaps

Thanks to those of you who kindly took the time to put in an appearance at Nunawading Library - I really appreciated the friendly faces staring blankly at me while I waffled on!! Was I that confusing?? Anyway thanks for coming guys, I have a loooong memory and your support was duly noted.

I know we're finishing our spring cleaning chores this month, but I can't leave you floundering for a whole month without mentioning the unmentionable. If you are floundering in fear, I've jotted down a few (rather harsh, upon re-reading!) words which may assist in altering your perspective on the financial crisis Until I can expand on these musings, the main thought I'd like to leave you with is....don't subject yourself to fear. If it makes you feel BAD don't do it, listen to it, or talk about it. Focus on what you're grateful for, instead. If you find yourself feeling fearful, switch your thoughts to those of gratitude. If you have trouble with gratitude, practise here. And now, to continue with our spring cleaning project...

Spring Clean Your Life - Part Three

So, how are we progressing?

Is your mind still in the pristine condition in which you left it back in September? You need to always be conscious of your thoughts, so you can weed out those insidious negativities as they arise. And as you toss those weeds on the pile, plant new, positive, exciting, forward-moving thoughts in their place.

How is the bod feeling? Have you been increasing your zing with exercise? Feeding it with yummy salads and vegies?

Is your summer wardrobe now an exciting prospect, rather than something you'd choose to forget? Even if you have the odd lapse, keep going! Just pick yourself up and step back on to the track. No-one's perfect. We all have weaknesses which on occasion get the better of us, but there's no need to give up. Keep trying on that piece of clothing until it simply slinks over your curves, falling perfectly into place. And then send me a photo! This month's project has more tangible, rapid results...


This will make you feel FANTASTIC! The finished result, that is....although some people do actually enjoy cleaning.

I know, I know. It sounds like a big job and who has time to spend a whole hour/day/weekend/month cleaning? No one. So you take the 'eating an elephant' approach - one teaspoonful at a time.

Schedule NOW smallish blocks of time to clean each room. You could even opt to clean out one DRAWER at a time - very manageable. But stay in each room until it's completion. So you give yourself that wonderful sense of achievement often - every time you complete a room.

I must admit to not being the biggest fan of cleaning myself, but the pain is worth the pleasure gained. It's good Feng Shui to have a clean, uncluttered home plus it's next to Godliness, and that can't be bad. Then there's the ultimate pleasure of list-crossing (my secret shame!!). You could take the technical approach and list each 'teaspoonful', no matter how small, and then enjoy the pure, unadulterated bliss of crossing them off. Where's my pen and paper?? I'm going to drive myself WILD with pleasure!!

Hm Hm....sorry, where were we?

Oh yes! If list-crossing isn't your thing (are you some kind of weirdo??) find another way to reward yourself for a job well done. Maybe a new CD or movie tickets or a new gadget if you're a bloke. Remember, the finished product - a clean, uncluttered space will be the ultimate reward, so you win all round!


1. Grab your diary (or that little slice of heaven known as a blank sheet of paper!) and pen.

2. Keep it real. Don't schedule a day of cleaning if you know you'll only achieve half an hour.

3. Start with your least favourite task.Stay in that room until it is orderly, organized, (can't think of another 'or' word) cleaned - and just heavenly!

4. When it comes to your wardrobe - be ruthless. It IS time to let go of the frock you wore to your high school graduation - especially if you have since attended your child's High School graduation! Form three piles:

a). Repair/dry clean

b). Donate to charity

c). Throw away - poor people have pride, too!

5. You can have fun shopping for some stylish storage solutions, with which to keep your 'stuff' organized. See, it's not ALL work!

6. After the decisions are made, clean out said drawer/wardrobe/space, replacing the 'keepers' in a caring, organized fashion.

7. You may like to add an aromatic sachet/drawer liner if you are so inclined (ie. if you're a girl!!) Now would also be a good time to replace the silverfish repellant you placed in your wardrobe six years ago.

8. As previously mentioned, complete the WHOLE room, before moving on - even if it takes several weeks -this is important to your sense of achievement.

9. You can take this cleaning thing as far as you like...walls, windows (don't forget outside) curtains, drapes - in fact the level of your contentment could be directly proportionate to the level of your cleanliness!

10. My name is Jacqueline Johns for a reason. And that is beacause it is NOT Martha Stewart! My expertise stops here. For this reason, I have located a couple of experts for you: a cleaning expert for advice, and for practical help for those in Victoria: Creating Order From Chaos.

If you're not big on cleaning, you may be oblivious to the untold pleasure of living in a pristine environment - I strongly suggest you give it a whirl at least once, every spring, starting now.

If you do find the thought (and action) rather painful, remember you are not alone. I too, will be agonising over that top I haven't worn in the last 12 months (again) and bemoaning my lack of silver spoon as I contemplate the dust under my bed. So if you do feel a bit hard-done-by, imagine everyone else reading this is getting stuck into it, and then enjoying the fruits of their spring labour over a lazy summer. When your space is devoid of clutter, clean and organized, drop me a line and brag! If it really is all too hard, remember the links I gave you above. No excuses for living in chaos!

For those of you for whom this article has been a complete waste of my keyboard skills, I apologise, but I do need to address the needs of those whose happy life may be greatly enhanced by the wonders of uncluttered, organized, clean living.


For all you clean freaks out there who may not have needed inspiring in this direction, I'm giving you the chance to suggest a topic for next month's newsletter. Of course, if you suggest nuclear physics, the December newsletter may be very brief!

I don't want you to feel neglected, so here's your chance to make your presence felt.

Or, you can contact me with any feedback. I love responses!


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