Spring Clean Your Life - Part Two

Hi <>, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

It is with deep sadness I announce the passing of my friend, companion and confidante, Sam-or-Frodo, last week.

He fulfilled his role with valour and shall be sadly missed. His empty bowl sits on my bench as a sign of respect during the mourning period.

Have you booked a spot at Nunawading Library for my presentation next week? (aaaarrgh!!) It's free, and I'd love to see some friendly faces in the audience. Check the details here: Happy Events and come and introduce yourself.

I should report that my local supermarket appears to have an overstock of licorice bullets!! Can't think why!

And just as the supermarket is having trouble moving them from their shelf, they are proving just as stubborn to remove from my person! Oh well! I've learned my lesson. Whilst I can't commit to giving them up forever, I shall in future be more moderate.

Spring Clean Your Life - Part Two

Now, how's that spring cleaning (of your mind) progressing? Are you feeling positive and creating the life you want?

Is the inside of your mind now clean and bright? Good! If you're feeling a bit stuck help is available. As we move on to our other projects, please remember to regularly check your mind and keep it pristine. You don't want to have to start from scratch again next spring.

And now to your spring cleaning project for this month.....

Spring Clean Your BODY

Now, I don't profess to be an expert in nutrition (see licorice bullet comment above!) but I DO know that my body feels great when I feed it well. I also know how much zing! exercise injects into my life. When I've been working my body (I'm talking sweat and huffing and puffing) I feel fantastic. It is worth the hard work to feel so great afterwards. (Consult your doctor before sweating and huffing and puffing).

Soooo...how did the frosts and rain of winter effect your exercise program? If it took a bit of a battering during winter NOW is the time to get moving again. It's immaterial if you're built like Kate Moss/Hugh Grant (they're skinny) you are cheating your brain out of endorphins (feel-good chemicals) if you're not huffing and puffing. Ok, if you're REALLY unfit, a walk may be enough. But you need to lift your heart rate and huff and puff. Sweat is good. The first week or so of a fitness regime can feel really hard, but I promise it becomes easier as you progress. The harder you work, the more rapidly it becomes easier. Before you know it, you'll be jumping out of bed ready to work your body. You'll notice you have more energy and are happier. Your bod will feel more shapely and strong.

Let your wardrobe help....

If you haven't already, soon you'll be rediscovering shorts, sleeveless tops, and maybe the beach! I'll share a secret with you...I rediscovered my bathers today, and boy-oh-boy! I'll be taking up that trial membership at the gym tomorrow! I suggest you go rummaging through your wardrobe right now, and just check how that favourite piece of clothing from last summer is looking on your post-winter bod. Even if it still looks good, your happy life will be enhanced by reinvigorating your exercise program.

Plan your exercise

It doesn't have to be a 'program' as such (sounds so boring!) but DO plan to exercise four to five times a week. The more you mix it up the more fun it will be. You could set yourself a longterm goal which requires training, for example, a mini triathlon or a fun run or open water swim. Challenging yourself will also motivate you, and give you a great sense of achievement when your goal is accomplished. If that's a bit grandiose for you, choose a few activities you're confident of following through with, and make a commitment to your health NOW.

If you'd like some inspiration while you're planning, go to have fun exercising for some more suggestions.

Grab your diary now and plan which activities will fit which days. If there is a day you absolutely can't exercise, make concrete plans to be active the previous, or following day.


Exercise is always more fun with a friend, and feels like less of a chore. You may have a friend with a passion for, say, fencing(!). Why not ask if you can tag along with him/her? New experiences are good for the soul. Or you could try a new team sport - or an old one! Or just meet a neighbour for a regular walk.

Organize a couple of group activities with your friends as well, say, a bike ride or horseback expedition.


Apart from increasing the zing in your life, you'll find when you step up your exercise rate, you also feel more inclined to put healthy food into your body (and amazingly, usually less food). Here are my top five tips for healthy eating:

1. At lunch and dinner your plate should be one-quarter protein/carbs and three-quarters high water content food (fruit and veggies).

2. Add in fresh herbs where you can - you'd be amazed at the health benefits of these little beauties!(especially oregano, bay leaf and dill)

3. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, drink lots of water - three litres during summer (especially if you're sweating) I also love Green Tea for it's antioxidants.

4. If you're watching your weight, no eating after 8pm - if you really must, have a piece of fruit.

5. Supplement your diet - with all the fantastic supplements on the market today, there's absolutely no need to be feeling lethargic or below par. My favourite supplement keeps me healthy and energised year round.

***BONUS TIP*** 6. Stay away from licorice bullets.

Of course, if you are reinvigorating your exercise plan, ensure you're getting enough sleep as well, especially in the early days as your body adjusts. When you're tired the tendency can be to overeat, or to eat sugary snacks in an attempt to revive flagging energy. Importance of sleep has more info.

If, after reading this, that leap into action still eludes you, help is at hand! Contact me and together we'll get you moving.

Go to it! You now have NO excuses if you're not feeling tip-top by this time next month, when we will undertake our third, and final, spring cleaning project.


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