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Happy Life The JJ Way, Issue #57 - Save Your Life
January 29, 2021

Save Your Life

Hi, and the

warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

I hope you enjoyed the festive season with your

nearest and dearest and have kicked off 2021 with


If you find it difficult to do anything with gusto -

boy! - this issue is for you!

I'm sharing with you my personal healing story in the hope that I can save

your life, as mine has been saved.

We don't need to share the same health issues - the info I'm sharing with

you is for anyone who is sick, plus anyone who is health-conscious and

would like to prevent illness.

The only other thing you need to know before we start is that this

information WORKS! Please share with your loved ones.

In the Beginning...

Around this time last year, I thought I was on the way out.

Maybe I was.

I couldn’t wait to apply my makeup in the mornings to conceal the grey

tinge to my skin, the blackness around my puffy eyes and the generally

unhealthy tone confronting me in the mirror every day.

I remember one day thinking, “You’re dying,” as I was once again forced

to inspect the naked truth of a face that had previously been the recipient

of compliments.

It was no shock, this confrontation with my mortality; my body hadn’t

been running smoothly for several years, and while my health has always

been my priority, I was still powerless to prevent the ever-growing list of

symptoms from expanding, or the Big Kahuna symptom from threatening

to engulf my life completely.

Several doctors, specialists and hospital visits for testing failed to halt the

downward spiral.

Medicine just didn’t have the answers.

My kidults were worried.

More than once I could see my condition worsening and resigned myself to

an indoor future dictated by the Big Kahuna and most likely supported by

a government sickness benefit. What a sad conclusion to my once-full

and productive life.

But I was resolute and kept soldiering on, hoping for a miracle, being

positive, and living my best life possible. After all, there were people

facing much more dire problems than mine. So what if my issues made

a personal relationship impossible? As long as I could continue to work,

there was life.

And then...

And then, after years of fruitless searching for answers and trying every

suggestion known to man, my miracle happened.

Boxing Day 2019 I decided to treat myself to my comfy chair for a while to

peruse the book my daughter had given me for Christmas.

Then and there, curled up in my chair on just another ordinary day – well,

Boxing Day - my life changed! The penny dropped!

Someone was making sense of my chequered mystery medical history!

Putting two and two together and coming up with four instead of yet

another question mark, dead end, dangerous drug or procedure!

This book connected the dots of every mystery illness I had experienced

my whole adult life! And some not-so-mysterious from childhood!

It explained why I contracted the illness, why doctors didn’t have the

answers, and how it led to my next mystery illness, years later.

I knew about three chapters in that this was my answer!

Everything from a mystery skin disease in my twenties for which I was

prescribed heavy duty drugs requiring six-weekly blood tests for years,

tonsillitis in my thirties, debilitating Post-Viral fatigue in my forties and now

digestive issues threatening to derail my life (let alone the tiny issues like

constant hay fever/sinusitis, dry eye, tinnitus, frozen shoulder – I won’t

bore you with the rest) – all explained – but what was most thrilling of all


Jumping In

I jumped in with both feet! After years of research, I (no – my daughter!)

had found the answers! This was almost too good to be true, but something

in me just knew it all made sense!

And I didn’t have to travel to some far-flung country for treatment!

I didn’t have to take a drug! I didn’t have to eat live spiders! Or drink my

own urine – or anyone else’s! Or come up with $50,000 for the cure!


All I had to do was eat yummy fruits and veggies – most of which I hadn’t

eaten for years because my doctors recommended the Low Fodmap diet for



Oh! And there were some foods I was to avoid.

Lockdown Glee

Well, 2020 was interesting. While the rest of the world, particularly

Victoria, Australia, complained about Lockdown, I was in my glee!

Eating and drinking all the healthy foods my body needed and not having

to worry about how my digestion would handle them because I was at


Sorry guys, but Covid19 was just perfect timing for me – I could never

have healed like I have and gone to work. I’ve always said everything

works out perfectly for me and I think 2020 was more proof of that

– if I needed it.

Goodbye Symptoms

First to go was the Hay Fever/sinusitis, then the Tinnitus, my hair has lots

of new growth – did I mention I was losing hair? But the most exciting

thing is the improvement in the Big Kahuna symptom - my digestion!

SO exciting!

The healing didn’t take place overnight, nor was it always easy, and I’m

sure I still have a way to go before I could call myself normal (for a

weirdo!) but this is the best thing to happen to me for a looooong time and

I wanted to share it with you so you can save someone you love’s life, like

my daughter has saved mine.

Maybe the person you love is yourself and maybe you’re not sick, but

health conscious and wanting to prevent any future problems.

If you are eating what most of us have been brought up to believe is a

healthy diet - you can expect future problems.

Unique Information

The health information I learned in order to heal myself is like nothing else

on earth, so even though you may be “healthy” there’s probably stuff

going on inside you of which you are not aware, and unless you have

read the books I’m referring to, you won’t know.

Everyone can benefit from this information, not just people with the

problems I’ve had. If you know anyone with fatigue, brain fog, dementia,

fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, weight issues, neurological issues,

diabetes, anxiety, depression, skin problems….the list goes on and on

- everyone can benefit and the internet is full of pictures and stories

of people who have.

Save a Life Today

I have nothing to gain by sharing this information with you. I’m not

selling the books and I have nothing to do with the American author –

except I send him my gratitude every day. I have shared this info with you

because I love you and want you to live the happiest life possible, and I

have lived experience of no answers to medical problems.

Thousands (probably millions by now) of people around the world are

using this information to heal themselves and if you are not one of them,

you need to know – or someone you know needs to know. Please save a life

today by sharing this email.

NB: After reading the first book I marveled that all my research in the past

five years had not turned up this information. I came to the conclusion

that I may indeed have come across the author but discounted him due to

his weirdness (that’s rich coming from me!). So PLEASE put your

judgement aside and if you don’t like him, at least read his information –

the life you save may be your own.

Medical Medium

The Answer

This stuff works! Nothing else I tried in five years worked. Anything from

Alzheimers to Zika virus will be helped by this information.

You know someone with a health issue. Be the difference in their life, like

my daughter was in mine – forward this email.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the information

or my healing journey, so please feel free to contact me if you feel the


P.S. My mirror is no longer my enemy and people are suggesting I'm

ageing backwards. Some have even asked if I've had work done!

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