Plan For A Happy Life

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Guys, this year will soon be screeching to a halt. Scary, isn't it? How has your year been? Looking back, are you happy with the achievements of your last twelve months, or could you have done better? What has been your biggest achievement of 2008?

Did you make 2008 count, or did it kind of slide by unnoticed?

If it did slide by, how long are you going to continue letting your life slide? When will now be a good time to take control of your life, and implement more of the life you CHOOSE?

This time next year would you prefer to be toasting your successes and learning from the rest, or regretting another year of not much happening in your life?

On New Years Eve, champagne glass in hand, will you be happy to say "Bye 2008, we have served each other well. Now bring on the excitement and possibility of 2009"? Will there be a flurry of butterflies in your tummy when you glimpse where you could possibly be NEXT New years Eve? If you're missing all this excitement, vitality, love of life, I can show you how to Make 2009 Your Turning Point

Plan For A Happy Life

I'm the first to admit to not being a planner.

Those of you who read "Memoirs of a Geisha" may or may not remember the main character being described as "having a lot of water in her" (personality). Reading those words many years ago resonated with me. I realized that I too, flow through life.

That's me. I go with the flow, roll along, like a big flowing river.

In the Chinese horoscope, I'm a Water Tiger - maybe this is to blame. It's not all bad - I'd rather be easy-going me than some of the uptight, regimented, over-structured people I come across out there. But there is a balance.

The trouble with going with the flow is that you surrender the power of choice. Life takes you where it will, rather than your will. You could quite possibly end up in a place you don't like if you neglect your power of choice.

Years ago, the only aspect of my life I really planned was the next holiday - and why wouldn't you make this vital activity a priority?

I've since discovered the power of planning the other important aspects of my life. And truly, planning is the only way to exert your will on your life.

Before you get to the planning stage, you need to think about what it is you want from life. What experiences do you desire while you're on this planet? An African safari? Serving the homeless Christmas dinner? Meeting the Queen?

Whatever they are, and I mean whatever - no matter how extreme thay may seem to you now - get them down on paper.

GET THEM DOWN ON PAPER. A goal isn't a goal until it is penned. An unwritten goal is just an airy-fairy idea.

Writing it down gives it substance, concretes it, if you will. The power of written goals is enormous.

Law of Attraction expert, and my co-author in The Path To Success Jack Canfield, suggests we all have a list of 101 things we want to do before we die - and review it monthly. I heartily agree. Getting that list down on paper, and then reviewing it regularly keeps those goals in the forefront of your mind.

Even the act of pondering your 101 list can be a huge exercise in self-discovery. I have met people in their mid-forties and older who have no idea who they are, what makes them happy, or what they want out of life. This is a travesty! People, you are important! Your life is important - make it your priority. Value yourself enough to make the most of your life.

Goals mean growth. A person with no goals in their life is not living to their capacity. Or, is not living. Life is about striving and stretching that comfort zone, growing and evolving. If you're not growing, you're stagnating.

You weren't put on this planet to live in fear, but to experience as much as you can. It's simply a matter of choice. Which experiences do you choose?

Goals are possibilities. People without goals see no possibilites for their life. People with goals, even goals for which when written, they have little idea of how they will be achieved, see their life as an ever-increasing landscape.

Which person lives the happier life? The person with the "world is my oyster" attitude or the "this is how it stays" attitude?

Sure, the former may experience a few bumps in the road to his goals, may even utterly fail a few times, but he's learning, growing, LIVING!

If you're stuck in "this is how it stays" mode, get help now. Fear is restricting you from living. Learn how to take the power away from fear and give it to possibility. Your life will never be the same - I promise!

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