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In this edition you'll read about something so stupendously simple you're probably overlooking it. But don't! There is power in simplicity...

Pen Power

How is your Happy Life progressing?

Becoming happier?

If you answered 'no', it may be that something simple yet immensely powerful is missing from your life. It may be that something you 'know' is not something you 'do'. For example, we all 'know' we should eat healthy food and limit sugary snacks, drinks and alcohol, and exercise regularly, but judging by the obesity crisis, there are hordes of us that just don't 'do'.

I've been reminded twice this week by two incidents about the amazing power one of the most simple things you can 'do' to ensure you Live Life Happy! And when the universe points something out to you twice, it may be nudging you to share that power with your subscribers!

This is no secret. In fact you may remember me banging on about it previously, but just in case it's still an item on your 'know' list, rather than your 'do' list, let me share with you Pen Power...

In the last few weeks I've been fortunate enough to have completed some items from my bucket list (and I have another coming up this weekend - woohoo!).

So when I gleefully produced my bucket list to mark the two items as 'completed', to my amazement there were another THREE items on my list which I had also completed, totally unconscious of the fact that they were on my list!

I tell you - there is magic in committing plans to paper!! (plus you have the ultimate satisfaction of list-crossing - no other like it!). The only way I can explain that magic is that I wrote down my intentions, and the law of attraction delivered. Do you remember the guy in "The Secret" who bought his dream house and didn't realize until a year or so later? I felt eerily like him (minus the dream house).

But you don't even have to believe in the Law of Attraction for Pen Power to work for you. Just commit your intentions to paper, continue living your Happy Life, and voila! dream house (or Bucket List items).

On second thoughts I'll reserve the second incident for the next newsletter - this one is getting a bit long, and you have lists to make! Hint: the second incident will very much interest you if you would like more money in your life, so stay tuned for Pen Power Part 2.

In the meantime, stop 'knowing' and start 'doing' - commit your intentions to paper!

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What else do your need for your Happy Life?

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Until next month, Live Life Happy!

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