Hi <>, and the warmest of welcomes to the inaugural edition of "Happy Life The JJ Way". I hope we enjoy a long and happy association, and that this newsletter contributes to your Happy Life! I welcome your feedback or any suggestions you have as to content for your newsletter, as it is an evolving entity - just like you and I. On this auspicious occasion, I was compelled to write the following article entitled "New Beginnings", which I hope stimulates you into action! This newsletter is the latest in a long line of new beginnings for myself, and I'm seeking to share with you the gratification such new beginnings can bring.


You may find it rather ironic I should be writing to you about new beginnings on the first day of winter - the season traditionally seen as the end of the life cycle. If you do, I hope that irony serves to highlight to you how your perception creates your reality. No doubt, you'll hear lots more on that subject in future issues! For today, I'd like to inspire you to examine your perceptions regarding new beginnings. Do you ever spend time thinking about and/or planning new beginnings?

Do you eagerly await New Years Eve, having assessed your goals for the coming year?

Or do you go to bed at 10pm in a blatant attempt at denial of another year of your life down the gurgler?

Most of us tend to perceive a New Year as an opportunity for a new beginning, which inspires some of us to have a look at our lives from 20,000 feet, glimpsing the big picture.

But is this annual check-up enough?

What would happen if you started to perceive the first day of every season as a new beginning?

Would your life change much if you decided to perceive the first day of every month as a new beginning, and assess your life accordingly?

What if you perceived every Wednesday(?!) to be a new beginning?

I'll let you in on a little secret.............YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEW YEARS EVE!!

Every day is a new beginning in your life. Every second of every day you have the ability to start living the life you choose, or at least moving towards it. In fact, every second of every day is all we ever have. We have no control over the past, or the future, but we DO have control over this second!

If you're sitting there eating M&M's (who? me??) bemoaning your crappy life, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THIS SECOND!

Plan a new beginning!

It doesn't need to be something huge, like a new job. It could be a small addition or change, such as starting a gratitude journal, or even just making a new habit to go to sleep feeling grateful, as I do. Or what about that astronomy course you've been promising yourself for years?

A Happy Life is all about new beginnings. If you're still living the same life you were twenty years ago, you're not growing. By all means, keep your dear twenty-year friendships, but where are the new experiences and friendships, that make life so exciting?

If you're experiencing a less-than-happy life, choose to perceive tomorrow, or even this second, as the new beginning it is.

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal, you're in the spotlight NOW. Every second you have a choice to either tap-dance or stare into the spotlight like a stunned rabbit.

I certainly hope you're making the most of the music and tap-dancing to your heart's content!


I heard briefly on the news this week that in Victoria alone, the bill for doctors' mistakes eg. instruments left inside bodies after surgery, was $500 million! I am NOT joking. If you are as incredulous as I was, that fact alone might scare you into taking really good care of your health.

Your Happy Life could be severely interrupted at this time of the year if the dreaded lurgy catches up with you!

To keep yourself fighting fit, check out my five Pillars of Prevention (POPS) Maybe you'll decide to implement some or all of them into your life as your new beginning. Keeping yourself healthy at all times is a great new beginning, allowing you the time and energy to have fun enjoying your Happy Life.

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Can't think of a new beginning you'd like to make?

Here are five suggestions to get the ball rolling:

1. What have you always wanted to learn?

(ballroom dancing, piano, archery)

2. What do you need in order to feel happy?

(meditation and/or exercise for stress relief, time alone with your partner)

3. Is there something you need to do to help you feel spiritually connected?

(express your spirituality by attending your church, or investigate your spirituality at the local library)

4. What are you doing about making your dreams come true?

(take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase)

5. How can you benefit someone else?

(Whether you believe it or not, we are here to serve each other. Can you help someone else make a new beginning?)


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Until next month, I wish you a Happy Life,

Jackie xxx