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As we're hanging our new calendars, I thought I'd bring to your attention a different type of calendar, one that is very topical and which we are all urged to follow - the Mayan Calendar. Debate rages about this calendar, but as with everything, I advise you to not get too caught up in the hype, and develop your own opinion.


The Mayan civilization originated in Guatemala and Mexico, around 2600BC. Their amazing astronomical/astrological/divination/prophetic skills led them to create a calendar chronicling the evolution of humanity from the Big Bang 16.4 billion years ago, until the predicted end of evolution.

The Mayan calendar differs greatly from the Gregorian calendar we use, which is also currently used throughout many of the cultures of our world.

The Gregorian calendar is simply a mechanical time piece, utilizing the same recurring units of time ad infinitum.

The Mayan calendar however, is a map laying out a divine plan for humanity. This plan, created using astronomy thousands of years ago, has amazed scholars with the accuracy of it's predictions - correct to within 33 seconds.

Utilizing their unique units of time, the Maya correctly predicted every eclipse, astronomical event, and evolutionary stage in human development. But not only was the future predicted, they mapped the development of human consciousness from the very beginning (cellular) noting patterns emerging and repeating as consciousness evolved.

Nine different cycles were identified, from cellular, through to family, to tribal, and eventually expanding to universal,with the consciousness of humanity expanding within each cycle.

Each cycle is twenty times shorter than its predecessor as the evolution of humanity becomes faster and faster. We have now evolved to the point where we will enter the last stage of development (universal) on February 10, 2011.

It is widely accepted that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, a fact often used by alarmists, with many predicting the end of the world on that date.

A little research however, reveals two pertinent points:

1. No violent physical event is predicted

2. According to my expert of choice, Dr. Carl J. Calleman, a more accurate date for this occurence is October 28, 2011

The prediction is more about humanity reaching a state of oneness, expanding our consciousness to the point where a calendar is no longer necessary.(Either that, or the Mayans just got jack of it and thought 2012 was far enough ahead!)

A little more research reveals a plethora of information and opinion on this subject. Theories ranging from the no 1. point above, to changes in earth's magnetic field, polar shifts, planetary alignment etc etc.

You could drive yourself crazy and spend your whole life researching and forming your own opinion about what is actually going to occur.

I recently saw this very informative Mayan Calendar video which explains the changes in a way that makes sense (well...it made sense to me!!)

According to Ian Xel Lungold (unfortunately now deceased) the consciousness expansion involves the strengthening and utilisation of our instinct and intuition, rather than relying purely on logic to think things through. The Mayan Calendar shows the speed with which humanity has evolved, and how evolution itself is speeding up to the point where we NEED to trust and use our intuition.

The final stage of creation, beginning 2011, is called "universal co-creation". We will be co-creating our lives, with the universe. Have you seen the film or read the book, The Secret?

It has become apparent that the release of this information, presented in such a way that humanity "gets it", and the timing of said release is no accident. We NEED to learn to co-create our lives, to manifest, to become aware of the universal forces available to us, those which we are already using, whether consciously or not. 2012 is predicted to be a magical time, the beginning of a golden age for humanity - nothing to fear - for those who have expanded their consciousness to include the art of co-creation.

In conclusion, my advice is to ignore the scare-mongers and nay-sayers. Use your time to find your spirituality and lose your ego. Learn to co-create your life (manifest) and be kind to your fellow-earthlings. We have a lot to look forward to!

Co-creation Explained

If you're not sure what co-creation is, let alone how to do it, you should know that half of my workshop "Make 2009 Your Turning Point" will be dedicated to getting you on the road to co-creation. You will end the day with the basic tools and knowledge necessary, and your co-creation already started.

After February 1, all you will have to do is continue what we have already put in place!

The Evolution Of Consciousness??

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LUCIA: On 2012


What is known as the end time is actually a beginning. Power is being taken from those not worthy, and the new consciousness is rising. A more spiritual humanity will emerge from the change. Ego is being discarded and the golden age of truth is upon us. Those of you not familiar with the truth of yourself have learning to do. Peace will be your reward. A harmonious existence awaits an evolved humanity. Do not fear. Follow your hearts.

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