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Happy Life The JJ Way, Issue #50 - Light in Sight
April 28, 2020

Light In Sight

Hi, and the warmest of welcomes to "Happy Life The JJ Way".

How is everyone doing out there? Managing to keep the boredom at bay, the exercise exuberant, and the relationships real?

If you're struggling with Lock-down Life, you might find some help in one or more of these pages:

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Light in Sight

The human race never ceases to amaze me with our differences! Put in the same pressure cooker, some of us bubble away, curious as to what will happen next as we make the most of today. A few people are able to look ahead and see the tiny speck of light at the end of the tunnel. Others of us sink to the bottom of the cooker, seeing nothing but darkness, feeling mostly fear. This is totally understandable as many of us have lost our livelihoods, some have lost loved ones, and most have, at least temporarily, lost our way.

The Big Guns

This is the time to roll out the Big Guns. You may have never had cause to handle a Big Gun before, so here's an orientation for you:

Big Gun #1

The first of the big guns is faith.

Faith in yourself.

You need an inner knowing that you will handle whatever comes along. Of course you will!

If you have a roof over your head and access to food and water you can handle anything. Material possessions mean nothing - they just need dusting. If you have someone to love as well as food and shelter, you've got it made.

If you have managed to make a living in the past, you will do so again. You have skills, knowledge, experience and you may have more enthusiasm now than ever before! If you've done it before, you can do it again.

It may take time for the economy to recover but have faith that you will be a part of that recovery with your unique contribution.

Faith in your leaders.

Your leaders want recovery just as much as you do - possibly more as it could equal votes for them! Have faith that most of our leaders are in those positions because enough people had faith in their leadership ability.

Some countries have handled the pandemic superbly (so far) so you also need to place your faith in the leaders of your country to execute an economic recovery as soon as it is safe to do so.

Some people who cope really well with adversity also explain the reason for their apparent strength is due to another kind of faith. Personally, I have faith that everything happens for a reason - not always immediately obvious - but still, a reason.

If you are still struggling and think you could do with some comfort, this page on spiritual happiness might do the trick.

Big Gun #2

While you're waiting for your faith to be justified you need the second big gun: gratitude. (You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?) Yes, the old warhorse I've been banging on about for years. While you are feeling grateful for everything you have, it is impossible to feel fear.

Fear and gratitude cannot live in the same heart.

Said it before and I'll say it again. Sorry if I'm preaching to the choir, but I'm hearing there is a lot of stress and fear out there. As long as I keep hearing that, I'll be trying to help people overcome them. A refresher on this page-gratitude might help.

Big Gun #3

I hope you have managed to restore your faith in yourself, your leaders and something bigger, and you are feeling grateful. If you have accomplished all that, you may not need Big Gun number 3 - but I really want to share with you my event of yesterday, so please stick it out a little longer!

Yesterday, while crossing the bridge on my walk, I noticed two guys erecting a banner on the outside of the bridge.

Being the world's biggest sticky-beak, of course I wanted to know what it said but it couldn't be seen from the bridge and they were talking to someone so I wasn't rude enough to interrupt them. "Probably some COVID 19 protest", I thought, "Or lockdown protest". (Australians are becoming very restless now that we seem to have the pandemic under control).

On my return trip, I veered a few metres left on my approach to the bridge to afford myself a peek at what I had decided was a protest. Alas! They had taken the banner down! But they were still standing on the bridge...

By now I was burning with curiosity (I'm a Leo/Tiger if that will serve as an excuse) so as I walked past I asked one of the guys what it says.

"Its a marriage proposal," answered the far-more-likely-to-be-a-protestor-than-a-romantic-collaborator-guy.

"Oh! How exciting!!" squealed the silly-old-stickybeak-with-bad-character-judgement-me.

"Yes they'll be walking through here in a few minutes and sit over there where he'll ask her," non-protestor continued.

"How wonderful! Enjoy every second," I exploded as I bounced off that bridge and onto my homeward path.

That non-protester made my day!

The potential groom-to-be made my day!

The potential bride-to-be made my day! If she accepted.

After weeks and months of doom and gloom, proof that there is optimism out there!

There is hope, where many are seeing hopelessness.

People are looking forward! They are making plans and promises, and plans to make promises. They are seeing light where some are seeing only darkness. They are the Sam Gamgees of the world, picking up Mr Frodo on the side of Mount Doom and carrying him to the completion of the mission - the destruction of darkness. (Sorry got a bit carried away with the LOTR reference!) The point is, there is a pin prick of light visible at the end of the tunnel, and there are people on this planet - maybe your neighbour? - who have faith in themselves, their leaders and the future.

Let's join them! Let's decide, while observing Lock-down Life rules, that we have had enough of the darkness and (at least in our heads) march boldly towards that beckoning light that will one day grow to blinding proportions. The human spirit is unquenchable, unstoppable and unlimited and we all have one! At some point in the future each one of us will dance in the light again.

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